A family tour in three country Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Dou you need a plan your coming holiday for your family?  Do you need a place that is not only beautiful but also safe and cheap? Why don’t you consider to 3 Indochina countries including Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam ? If Vietnam is considered as the best beautiful destination in this area, but with a tour that combines 3 countries will be more interesting.

A family tour in  three country Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Vietnam is well-known as the land of natural beauty with many UNESCO world heritage sites (Halong Bay, Hoi An ancient town, etc.), a lot of beautiful beaches (Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, Mui Ne), and a large of majestic caves (Phong Nha cave, Sung Sot cave, Son Doong cave). In addition, there are many interesting activities for family to do together, especially activities for children: biking around the peaceful and picturesque villages, swimming at best beaches, seeing wild animals in the parks, trying to become a farmer or a chief, etc. So, a plan for family tour in Vietnam is definitely a great idea.

A family tour in  three country Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

It can be said that Laos is an untouched land that remains one of Southeast Asia’s most fascinating destinations. What enchants visitors to Laos most is its spiritual intrigue and uncommon serenity. Nowhere in Asia is the scent of burning incense or chanting of Buddhist monks more ethereal and fascinating.

Experience for yourself the secrets behind Laos’ mysterious beauty in its historic sights and lesser-explored destinations. Wander through centuries-old temples in Luang Prabang before carving through river caves in Vang Vieng. Meander along wide, breezy boulevards in Vientiane while soaking up its former colonial charm. Explore the wild and wonderful charms of Indochina’s least-developed country on a journey into the heart of Laos. Laos is undoubtedly one of the highlights of any visit including family tours with kids.

A family tour in  three country Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

Famous for Angkor temples – one of the best world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO – and considered as the kingdom of temples, Cambodia is always an attractive destination for anyone who wants to explore the mysterious temples. A highlight for many people when they tour Cambodia is the chance to catch a traditional Cambodian Apsara dance, played by women portraying the classical myths from Hindu, Khmer and ancient animist traditions. On the banks of the mighty Mekong, Cambodia’s capital Phomn Penh is packed with cultural attractions, from the gleaming Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda with its silver tiles, stunning Baccarat-crystal and solid gold Buddhas to museums housing ancient treasures from past eras.

A family tour in  three country Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia

With a family tour in Vietnam, Laos, Combodia, you will not must to worry about the price ( it is also cheaper much more than others) and  you never must be nervous about the war or robbery. So, why don’t  you book a tour to 3 this countries for your coming family tours ?

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