What do travelers can buy when traveling in Laos ?

  • You want to buy gifts for your friend, your relatives …
  • But you don’t know should buy when traveling in Laos ?
  • So, VietNam Typical Tours will referral to tourist: Some things can buy when traveling in Laos.

Lao Silk

What do travelers can buy when traveling in Laos ?

One thing that is most worth buying in Laos is handmade Lao silk, which can be tailor-made into traditional Lao dresses. Silk products like table runner, bedspread and scarf are also popular souvenirs with visitors. They are cheap to get with a price from only some dollars. 


What do travelers can buy when traveling in Laos ?

In order to raise a family, most of the hill-tribe people will sell outstanding handicrafts made by their amazing gifts to the local and foreign markets. So, the handicrafts are something really worth buying in Laos such as baskets, handmade incense, wood and stone sculptures, natural papers and so on.


What do travelers can buy when traveling in Laos ?

Silver items are the most common accessories in Laos people, such as silver belt, silver earrings, bracelets and other things. So, it is common in Laos to see silver selling in markets. Of course, there are other silver items for you to purchase.


Paintings made by local artists are worth buying when you are doing Laos tours. They are easy to pick up at night markets and often sold by the river. If you wish to meet something of higher quality, go to the local galleries, where works by better known painters are on display. Exhibition held at Art School of the National University is also a good place to find talent’s paintings.


In the bigger cities like Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Sacannakhet, antique stores are easily to be found. Clothes, Asian pottery, musical instruments, jewellery, carvings and coins are sold in antique stores. However, tourists need to note that there is an official ban on the export of Buddha images from Laos.

Lao Coffee

What do travelers can buy when traveling in Laos ?

It goes a little different from the one you find in Vietnam. The truth that Laos is the best place to grow coffee among Southeast Asian countries proves the excellent quality of its coffee products. In streets and duty free shops, Lao coffee is sold like hot cakes. So why not try it and bring the flavor home?

Now rest assured to book a holiday in Laos with unique presents to donate to your relatives.