Where to go shopping when travelling in Laos ?

Laos is an ideal place for someone who loves to experience shopping in traditional way besides going super malls. Visiting Laos, you will have a chance to buy everything from handicrafts to silk, from furniture to clothes, from jewelry to food in traditional markets.So, Where to go shopping when travelling in Laos ?

Below will will be my suggest you for you :

Vieng Chan Market 

Morning Market is the major and most famous commercial center in Vientiane. Up to 80% of sellers here know Vietnamese. As in Vietnam, you should bargain when shopping at Laos markets.
Samsenthai, Panggkam and Setthathirat street

There are a lot of handicraft shops, jewelry stores, mostly made from gold and silver which is very glamorous and exotic. These shops focus mainly on these streets.

The Vientiane Night Market 

Vientinae market in Laos

which is the most attractive shopping spot in Vientiane. Tourists are often impressed by its sprawling line of red-roofed stalls. This market is located on the promenade next to Chao Anouvong Park. Things kick off at 18:00 PM and last until midnight.

If you are interested in Laotian Textiles, you cannot miss Carol Cassidy Lao Textiles which is famous for traditional Laotian textile weaving. This is a great place to admire a lot of woven arts, clothes and cloths and get a keepsake for you or for your relatives and friends.

Xieng Khuang

This place offers rich souvenir items made from plastics, however you can also find items made of gold and silver, handicrafts…

Fresh market

In this market you will find specialties of Xieng Khuang, they are dried items including fermented nok aen dawng meat and hét wái mushroom.

Where to go shopping when travelling in Laos ?


Savanxay market is about 100 meters from central parking place. The market is famous for delicious Lao specialties, plentiful and varied souvenir items, brocade and weaving products with traditional unique patterns of Laos.

The free-tax shop of Dao Heuang

This place provides a lot of free-tax goods with reasonable prices including chocolate, alcohol, tobacco, Cuban cigars, coffee, household electrical products.

Luang Prabang night market

Where to go shopping when travelling in Laos ?


Opened from 17:00 to 23:00, you will have totally different feelings when buying things in mysterious light. 

Visiting Luang Prabang Night Market tourists have plenty of choices of items from Lao clothes, bags, clothes, Laos silver jewelry, silver souvenirs to copper or painting paper- made Buddha statues, Buddha or monks image- carved wood. Prices here are often unstable and stories of bargain are a necessary part of this night market.

Where to go shopping when travelling in Laos ?


Located in Ban APHA, next to Phousi Mountain and Nam Kham River, Kopnoi is famous for its handicrafts made from natural materials.

Paske Morning market

The market in Paske is opened from early morning and is the major trade and shopping center of the city.

Dao Heuang

Located on Highway no 13, near Japanese bridge spanning over the Mekong River, this new market is a place providing everything that residents and visitors can buy in Champasak.

That is only some of many shopping places in Laos. You should explore them yourself. Besides visiting stunning landscapes, going shopping in the traditional market would bring you a lot of unforgettable memories in Laos.