4 heaven is real in Vietnam

No need to go far, just a little exploring, you will realize that in Vietnam there are many beautiful places – paradise are waiting for you to discover.

And these are 4 heaven is real in Vietnam, you can not miss when traveling to Vietnam.

1. Hagiang

Majestic scenery of the northernmost land Fatherland – Ha Giang,Mountain forest with trails winding hun smoking, is surrounded by imposing mountains like many secrets hidden in her. From atop the mountain, take in the views of the valley is green, terraces, stone plateaus, sluggish river flow, simple houses craggy land on the cliff, …

4 heaven is real in Vietnam
Ha Giang is not only the rocky plateau of Dong Van, Lung Cu flagpole, Ma Pi Leng Pass, the Nho Que River, breasts Quan Ba, Hoang Su Phi terraced fields, fields beautiful triangle fairy circuit; there also markets unique Prev Mong ethnic communities of white, black Hmong, Meo, Tay …

4 heaven is real in Vietnam

So, It will be a pity if you miss this place. Especially, if you come to Ha Giang in this  April, you will be discovered the Khau Vai love market festival (this festival takes place from 21 to 23/4/2017). Coming to the festival, visitors can also enjoy traditional games and local specialties, as well as explore the beauty of the Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark.

This is a great opportunity for you to explore the lives of minorities in the highlands. Please booking tour with us now to travel to this beautiful land with the best services.

2. Sapa

4 heaven is real in Vietnam

photo by hachi8

350km far north-west from Hanoi, Sapa, the capital of Sapa District in Lao Cai Province, lies at the altitude of 1600m. With the temperature ranging from the lowest of -1oC to the highest of 29oC, Sapa’s climate is moderate and drizzly in summer while chill and foggy in winter.

If you want a place of cultural authenticity and natural tranquility, you have found the right place. Sapa is a mountainous town in Northen Vietnam where you write poem, have your cameras on for most of your time, cheer over a community wine pot, learn to appreciate indigenous culture or just to escape Hanoi heat and city noise. Being one of the most attractive tourism destinations of the country, Sapa is a precious gift that Mother Nature dedicates to Vietnam.

There were many visitors of VietNam Typical Tours said: Sapa is truly a paradise in Vietnam. It really attracts visitors who want to come back here when they come to Vietnam. And it would be a pity if anyone come to Vietnam missed this destination.

And you, Do you want to travel to this great paradise of Vietnam? Please book a Sapa tour on your next holiday and do not forget to share with us your feeling.

3. Phu Yen

4 heaven is real in Vietnam

As a coastal province in south central coast, Phu Yen has three sides of the mountains and rivers, marshes, bays, islands … diversity. This points to the still more beautiful landscapes, wild and mysterious.

Travel to Phu Yen, in addition to admire the natural landscape system is quite diverse with many scenic and beautiful bays, you also have the opportunity to enjoy the specialties there, good reputation here. Beef a sunny, pompano steamed porridge oysters, cockles, wet cake or bread soup chives are certain dishes you must try.

4. Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc Island bring a wild beauty but also very poetic. Pure sea water, waves white foam, the white sand stretches under every green ocean.

4 heaven is real in Vietnam

Nature on the island provides a feeling of calm, relaxed, extremely suitable to rest, away from the hustle of the city.

Island has many beautiful landscapes such as the Forbidden Mountain, Sand Mountain High, Chaoyang Bay, Doi Dua beach, beach Small – burden … and many historical, cultural beliefs such as Thanh Van An Pagoda, Linh Son Pagoda, Temple Linh Quang temple Princess paintings Tables, shrines Lady, ….