5 Tips for travelers when eating street food in Vietnam

Traveling Vietnam will be a pity when you skip the street food in Vietnam. However, to ensure the safety of enjoying the street food. VietNam Typical Tours will share to travelers “5 Tips for travelers when eating street food in Vietnam”.

1.  Find food-only markets

The best food is found in markets where people come specifically for food. Many towns have markets that carry a little bit of everything, or a lot of t-shirts and other tourist-related trinkets. Locals don’t shop here, any more than you would go to a touristy place in your hometown to buy vegetables.

5 Tips for travelers when eating street food in Vietnam

2.  Avoid the flies

The truth is most of the small street markets in Vietnam are scrupulously clean, and the food very fresh. Meats are slaughtered, butchered and sold within four hours. Vendors bring only enough food to sell in one day. If there are no flies and no nasty odours, you have found a good market.

3. Go early

The market closes when all the food is gone. If you want to see silvery stacks of freshly caught fish on ice, piles of crisp bean sprouts or cilantro and mounds of fresh rice noodles get there well before noon or you’ll miss the mouth-watering display.

4. Look for the trash

For street stalls, ironically, the key is to find a place with lots of papers around it. The Vietnamese keep their streets clean, sweeping in front of their shops and stalls constantly. Diners drop their order chits on the ground, where the stall owner will sweep them up at the end of a mealtime. A stall with good food is one where there are many chits on the ground – a sign that it is has constant traffic.

5. Find a one-dish spot

Many tiny storefronts serve one dish only. They specialize and use only the freshest ingredients. Treat your dining experience as a moveable feast: a fruit shake here, some pho bo there, then down the street to the tofu custard lady for dessert. You can eat, work off calories and sightsee all during a meal.