A new experiences with cooking class on cruise in Halong Bay.

Vietnam is well known in all over the world because of its cuisine, with fresh ingredients and imaginative flavors. Most of foreigners tourists are highly recommend a bout the foods of Vietnam. When people traveling in Vietnam they are not only taste the food but also want to know how Vietnamese cook their foods.

cooking class cruise in Halong Bay.

Understand that desire of tourists when traveling to Vietnam. We always have cooking classes for tourists. And nothing better than joining a cooking class on cruise in Halong Bay

You can enjoy the Cooking class on Cruise Halong. Many tourists are highly recommended this option for the trip to Vietnam. When you travel in Vietnam with destination Halong Bay. Booking 2 or 3 days trip and sleeping on cruise are very popular. Especially, if you booking your tour with us, the cooking class are included in your tour. It means you can join cooking class free. Chef and staff on boat will help you to prepare everything for cooking class. In half of hour you can have your own dish of food, enjoin yourself and sharing it. A very interesting activity in Halong Bay tour.

cooking class cruise in Halong Bay.

In general, most cooking classes are half-day classes starting with in the morning with a trip to the local market followed by a cooking demonstration and lunch where you can eat the dishes that were prepared.

In class cooking, our Cruise Chef will show and guide you how to make Vietnamese traditional dishes such as fresh or dried springing roll and/ or how to carve different kinds of vegetables and fruits. You may be invited to participate in a fun competition with other passengers to find who is the fastest to make the dish. Finally, you can have your own dish of food, enjoin yourself or share it with your companions. An interesting activity for those who love cooking and cuisine!

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