An adventure holiday in Ha Giang. Why not ?

Ha Giang is a province in the far north of Vietnam, contains the country’s northernmost point. It shares a 270 km long border with Yunnan province of southern China. The province covers an area of almost 8000 square kilometers. It has a population of about 730,000 people, most of them are hill tribe with various languages, costumes, life style, customs and practices. Owning beautiful landscape, diversity terrains, can say: Ha Giang is an ideal place for an adventure holiday.

Adventure holiday in Ha Giang offer great opportunity to explore and enjoy fascinating nature in the North of Vietnam. There are many wonderful places for you to enjoy their holidays in Vietnam. Hoang Su Phi offer stunning rice terraces and mountains which will be amazing. Adventure holiday to Ha Giang during rice harvesting time or new rice crop period will be the most fantastic. Experience daily work of hill tribe people; enjoy stunning rice terraces from the top to bottom of mountains in evergreen or yellow color is truly amazing memories for adventure holiday in Ha Giang in Vietnam. Visit Quan Ba Town with “Twin Mountains”, enjoy stunning view of the town itself, rice fields from the top of mountain will be also wonderful for adventure in Vietnam. Enjoy panoramic views of Nho Que River from Ma Pi Leng Peak, enjoy stunning landscapes of hill tribe villages from Lung Cu Peak are also amazing for adventure holiday in Ha Giang in Vietnam.

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Trekking Tours for adventure holiday in Ha Giang

There is another choice to enjoy the most of your adventure holidays in Vietnam is the trekking tours exploring nature, discover culture, tradition and get close to real local life of minority people in Ha Giang will bring you great experiences for holidays for adventure in Vietnam. More than just enjoy spectacular landscapes, enjoy trekking in rice terraces, visit home of Dao, H’mong, visit local markets along the trekking tours for adventure holiday in Ha Giang will maximize the time and experience for adventure holidays in Ha Giang in Vietnam.

Motorcycle  Tours for adventure holiday in Ha Giang

Travekers who love adventure holidays in Vietnam, enjoy motorcycle tours on quiet roads, beautiful landscapes, forests and enjoy fantastic rice terraces in Ha Giang will be amazing for adventure holidays in Vietnam. There are so many passes which continues going up for more than hundred kilometers long, offering great adventure and challenge for holidays in Ha Giang – Vietnam. Enjoy motorcycle tours in Ha Giang to explore small towns, visit villages of hill tribe people and experience daily life along the motorcycle tours will bring you fantastic time while taking adventure holiday in Ha Giang.

Other ideas for your adventure vacation in Ha Giang like bike riding, in homstay … also  very interesting.


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