Some advices for motorcycle tour in Vietnam

Motorbike is considered the best means of transportation for travelling mountainous areas due to its convenience and initiative. With a motorbike, you are free to go wherever you loves, despite all kinds of road’s condition. You can stop whenever he feels like to take photographs or relaxing, instead of depending on the driver or tour guide. Motorbike helps integrating people with nature and fresh air, and one will never be afraid of motion sickness.

The below is some advices for motorcycle tour in Vietnam to your trip in Vietnam by motobike become wonderful than.

Some advices for motorcycle tour in Vietnam

– Kind of motorbike

+ 100 cc-or-more semi-automatic motorbikes are all suitable for roads in Northern Vietnam’s mountainous area.
+ The main criteria for choosing motorbike are strong engine, gasoline-saving and flexible packing space.

– Weather 

Weather is one of the most essential issues regarding planning for motorbike trip. The best time for exploring those mighty areas is from late September to the beginning of December, when there is almost no rain and the temperature is cool. The spring’s rain and summer’s heat in high region somehow are hazardous for health as well as damaging to the road’s quality.

– Be well-prepared!

+ Specialized clothes and shoes, personal stuff, map, contact information and medical bags.
+ A protective helmet and a motorcycle repair tool kit, and of course, certain skills of mending engine. An extra spark-plug and motorbike’s key are always in need.
+ Remember to maintain the whole motorbike before setting off, change the oil and check its tyres, brakes, mirrors, horn and light. Fill up your motorbike with gasoline and know the location of gasoline station!
+ Remember bring your identity paper and driving license because there will be police checking along the road ( however, they will not be very strict to foreigners).

– Note when go on the way

+ If possible, travelling in groups of two or three motorbikes with one experienced leader is advisable. All members of the group are required to have detailed itinerary to get rid the risk of getting lost.

+People should not ride parallel to each other and talk while controlling the motorbike, thus, stop the bike if feeling a need for a conversation.

+Pay attention to the bend and ones driving contrariwise and do not drive into other lane. Sometimes, there may be animals like buffaloes, cows, dogs or even pigs crossing the road, so one should decrease the speed and avoid making them panic. At night or in rain weather, when the vision is limited, travellers had better pause the journey for resting and safety reasons.

– Other note:

+ Do not ride when you feel tired or sleepy.
+ Do not ride after drinking alcohol.
+ Avoid riding too fast or stop without noticing.
+  Observe carefully and pay attention to road signs.
+ Be extremely careful when crossing the stream; be sure about the depth of the water to have the best arrangement.

+Respect the ethnic minority people and their distinctive culture.
+ Protect the environment and always remember: Safe is of primary important.

+Especially if you are a foreign visitor then you should have a local guide (can speak English). This will help you a lot during the trip

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