All the things to know about the Buckwheat Flower in Ha Giang

Have you ever seen sunset light fall into the mountain village? Haveyou ever seen sunset light fall into the upland fields of buckwheat flowers? Have you ever encountered “fairy” sunlight? Hurry up! Travel to Ha Giang, watching the buckwheat flowers, now !

Buckwheat Flower or Tam Giac Mach in Vietnamese is a special flower growing in northern mountainous provinces of Vietnam. Especially this is a typical flower species of Ha Giang area.

The below is “Everything About the Buckwheat Flower Season in Ha Giang” :

What Are Buckwheat Flowers?

All the things to know about the Buckwheat Flower in Ha Giang

Buckwheat blossoms, or “chez” as known by the H’mong (a local hill tribe of the North), are the specialty of the northernmost land, because every year, just when the first monsoon starts blowing, these tiny white flowers simultaneously flourish, flooding the whole rocky plateau. Carrying a legend that not everyone knows, buckwheat flowers adorn what we in Vietnam call “cat ear-shaped” stones with warm incarnadine, inviting the nomads to discover such captivating beauty.

In Ha Giang, people often plant the purple buckwheat flower. With time, they will start to change color from white to purple pink, and finally dark red.

Simple but loveable, modest but charming, buckwheat is harmonious with the green color of the forest and the grey color of the mountains which altogether creates an endless source of inspiration for art enthusiasts.

In order to promote the tourism potential of the region, Ha Giang authorities decided to increase the amount of buckwheat flower fields to attract more visitors. Every year, around October and November, there is a buckwheat flower festival in Ha Giang

The History of Buckwheat Flower Season in Ha Giang

According to the legend, in the past, the people in the Northern mountainous region lived mainly on rice and corn. One year, the food ran out and the land had become barren, and the local people had to wander in search of food. Then, a strange yet pleasant fragrance filled the atmosphere and attracted the peasants to follow the ravine. Among the rocks, they discovered small white pink flowers whose nuts tasted as subtle as rice and corn. Since then, the Hmong have used the buckwheat flowers’ nuts as staples like maize and rice. The buckwheat flower then became an essential part of their daily lives.

Uses of Buckwheat Flower

Rice, porridge, noodles, breads, pancakes, cookies, cakes, can all be made from buckwheat flour…

All the things to know about the Buckwheat Flower in Ha Giang

The young buckwheat flower stem can also be boiled and used as vegetables, or it can be cooked with wine and corn to brew a very unique type of wine. It also has medicinal benefits and is sometimes used as trunk for cattle feed.

The flowers are used for manufacturing a dark brown-colored honey that is quite strong in flavor.

So, Buckwheat Flower is also very good for your health.

When to Visit Ha Giang for the Buckwheat Flower Season

Visitting Ha Giang at the end of autumn (September to November) and even December, you will have a chance to experience the magic of the dreamy pink buckwheat fields stretching across the hills.

The Best Places to see the Buckwheat Fields in Ha Giang

Phố Cáo (Pho Cao) is the first place with buckwheat flowers when you head to Dong Van. This place has some carpets of buckwheat flowers lying near cliffs.

Sủng Là – Sung La contains the best buckwheat fields in Ha Giang. The clusters of buckwheat flowers stretching to horizon have dazzled many visitors. Walking along Sung La, you may have a chance to enjoy at least five buckwheat flower fields.

All the things to know about the Buckwheat Flower in Ha Giang

The buckwheat fields are on the road to Quan Ba.

Ma Pi Leng Pass: the buckwheat field lies between two mountain ranges, which creates a stunning natural landscape.

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