The appeal of colourful and interesting Markets in Sapa

Many ethnic minorities live in and around Sapa (such as: H’mong (pronounced Mong), Dao (pronounced Yao), Tay, Giay (pronounced Zai), …). In order to understand their culture & know their colorful life then where you go and study?  The answer of VietNam Typical Tours is through markets!

The appeal of colourful and interesting Markets in Sapa

Cocly Market (Tuesday)

Coc Ly market is market of ethnic living in the northwest of Bac Ha district. The market has meeting beside suspension bridge across the Chay River. It opens only on Tuesday. It is the colorful market in a mountainous area where the Flower H’mong mainly gathers to exchange their homemade products.

From a distance, Coc Ly is a beautiful and vivid picture. Adorned for the beautiful landscape, once the top of Mong, Dao, Tay, Nung… wear traditional costumes from all the villages pull to fair.

The market is divided into separate zones: the zone for selling brocade, the zone for selling traditional cuisines. The difference of this fair is not only the place for people selling or exchanging goods but also for excursions sing the love song… In here, visitors can take photos with relatives or friends to celebrate where they go and do in Coc Ly market.

Can Cau market (Saturday)

Can Cau is a busy market which is held every Saturday. Located just below the Chinese border, it is a colourful, vibrant market where you will encounter minority peoples such as the Flower Hmong (Red Hmong), Nung, Phu La and even Chinese people from across the border. All kinds of goods are traded here, from fabrics to various types of livestock to the powerful local corn wine.

As you would expect, the market starts early (around 7.30am) and closes in the early afternoon so you will want to make an early start to get the most out of the experience.

The appeal of colourful and interesting Markets in Sapa

Muong Khuong Sunday market

Leaving Sa Pa early Sunday morning, you will ride on the craziest dirt road around Sapa to Muong Hum market. The ride takes approx. 2 -3 hours 40Kilometers to reach Muong Hum. All the long the way you will see different minorities Black H”Mong, Red Dao.

Arrive in Muong Hum you visit this very interesting local market frequented by Tu Di, Dao Tuyen, Ha Nhi, Flower Hmong and Giay minorities.

The minorities gather here to sell, buy and trade goods such as: vegetable, cattle, brocade, farm tools, traditional incense made from the bark and resin of scented trees…in their traditional cloths. There is a food area where you can taste the most popular specialties. In Muong Khuong, be sure to try the local rice variety called “San Kou”, its light nutty slightly sweet surely charm you.

Bac Ha Market (Sunday)

The appeal of colourful and interesting Markets in Sapa

Bac Ha is the largest and most colorful market in the area and attracts throngs of villagers from the surrounding hill tribes. Some walk several hours for the weekly opportunity to trade and barter food, animals, clothes and household goods. 80km from Sapa, Bac Ha Market is not only the place for buying and selling, but also a place for cultural and sentiment exchanging. On the market days, right from the early morning, all paths and mountain roads are full of people and horses pouring to the market. People usually sit in groups around a soup pan (“thang co”) eating and chatting.

The Bac Ha Market is not only an ideal location for buying unique souvenirs. It is also known as a tiny cultural hub. It is a weekly spot for individuals from local tribes as well as people from various ethnic groups, including Phu La, Black Dao, Tay and Flower H’mong. Many visitors find the Flower H’mong the most fascinating, as their colorful clothing makes them the most noticeable people at the market. With so many different types of people, the market is a great insight into Vietnam’s culturally rich history. Since it is so colorful and diverse, many visitors say that it is also a photographers dream, so guests are advised to bring a camera.

The weekly markets of Sapa are a kaleidoscope of colour and excitement, bustling with weird and wonderful activities. Let’s come here, you will have a great experience.