Autumn in Hanoi – the most romantic place of Vietnam.

Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year and Hanoi is the most romantic place of Vietnam. That’s a great combination which is not only for lovers but also for those who want to find inner peace.

Autumn in Hanoi - the most romantic place of Vietnam.

If the autumn in Sapa is the image of terraces golden fields everywhere. When the autumn comes to, visitors will be enthralled by Hanoi’s beauty, mesmerized by Hanoi’s charisma and spellbound by Hanoi’s scenery.

Autumn in Hanoi - the most romantic place of Vietnam.

In the autumn, Hanoian’s pace life is very calm and relaxed, it doesn’t like Saigonese’s pace life – hustle and bustle. When travelers come to Hanoi in the autumns, it takes easily for them to wander around ancient streets, to let their soul fly away with the breeze and to luxuriate in the warm sunshine. All troubles seem to be disappear.

There are two famous places attract to many foreign travelers when they come to Hanoi in the autumn: the old quarter of Hanoi and the Sowrd Lake.

The old quarter of Hanoi is a historical site. It featured small twisty roads which surround old houses. The design of this quarter like mysterious maze game which makes visitors very excited to walk around and to find the way to exit.

Autumn in Hanoi - the most romantic place of Vietnam.

The Sword Lake – the important historical monument which is associated with an interesting legend. According to this legend, there was a turtle appeared here. This turtle could communicate with people and it said that it represented Gods, came to Vietnam to help Vietnamese deafeated forein invaders with a magical sword. Finally, when Vietnamese won, the turtle disappeared. Some people said it came back to the heaven because its mission was finished.

Nowadays, the Sword Lake is repaired and conserved carefully. It becomes the representative of Hanoi. There are many coffee shops were built here for people take a rest, enjoy coffee and feast their eyes on the gorgreous views of this lake. It is also the best destination fo whole family enjoy their weekends.

So, normal, tourists usually spend a day to visit Hanoi before starting a visit to the destinations of the North of Vietnam ( such as: Sapa Tours From Hanoi, Halong Bay From Hanoi, Hagiang Tours from Hanoi…)