Best Beaches in Nha Trang for family holiday with Kids

If you and your family love to the beach. So coming Nha Trang to have perfect collection of picturesque beaches with sandy coasts and turquoise water. The beaches in Nha Trang are not only for adults, but also for children and people who cannot swim. The following are 5 best beaches in Nha Trang for family holiday with kids .

Doc Let Beach

Located about 50km from the center of the city, Doc Let is a more silent and less tourist-come than NhaTrang Bay. This beautiful beach is considered “the sleeping Beauty” of NhaTrang with the longest sandy coast and blue water. Tourists can comfortably rollick in the clean water without any worry about their kids because of the shallow water there. On the sand dune, there will be many sand-crabs make the beach become livelier and more neglected.

Doc Let bech
So, Doc Let is now one of the most attractive destinations in a sea travel to NhaTrang for family holiday with kids.

Bai Dai Beach

Once stopped at Bai Dai, tourists will be mesmerized by the fine white sand dunes, tortoise water, and landscape waiting for their explorations. It is also known as the most beautiful beach in NhaTrang. The sea level at this foreshore is quite shoal that allows kids to learn how to swim or immerse in the pure water. The dreamlike charm of this paradise becomes a famous trademark for family holiday with kids when travel to NhaTrang.

Best Beaches in Nha Trang for family holiday with Kids

Bai Duong Beach

From the center of the city, you and your family can move north-east to two famous beaches of NhaTrang named Bai Duong and Bai Hon Chong. Differ to other beaches in the city center,Bai Duong is a quiet one with a long coast, gentle waves, and shallow sea. In ebb tide days, tourists can go further to the seabed to see local fishermen catching oysters or seashells. Bai Duong is truly a perfect option for a family holiday with kids in Vietnam

Best Beaches in Nha Trang for family holiday with Kids.

Hon Chong Beach

Just north of NhaTrang lies a beautiful beach called Hon Chong. This beach is a system of giant stones in many shapes and sizes creating an astonishing picture right on the ocean. From the highest point of Hon Chong, visitors can have a fascinating view of the city as well as far away islands including Hon Do, Hon Rua, Hon Mot, HonTre… Immersing in the clean water and enjoy nature massage of gentle way will be an interesting trial in the lifetime.

Best Beaches in Nha Trang for family holiday with Kids

Nha Trang Center Beach

Being a crowded beach in the center of NhaTrang, this charming foreshore is one of the most attractive destinations in NhaTrang. The average temperature here is about 26⁰c, which is an ideal weather condition to enjoy the slight sunshine on the sandy coast, swimming in the clean shallow sea water and scuba diving to explore the colorful undersea world. On the beach there are also many places for entertaining and flying kites, thus, your family holiday with kids can truly relax without any worry about your children. 

Best Beaches in Nha Trang for family holiday with Kids

Let’s come to Nha Trang center beach to enjoy an authentic sea travel, get into the fresh atmosphere and admire the wonder of aurora on the ocean. Your family holiday with kids will become ever more wonderful.