The best places for a Sapa trekking tours

Is a beautiful place with such stunning landscapes and colourful cultures, Sapa has long been recognized as a tourist attraction. Sapa attracts tourists by its trekking routes, landscapes, climate and ethnic minorities, making Sapa unique in its own way. If you are looking for a suitable place to trekking, Sapa is a smart choice for you.

Here are: “The best places for a Sapa trekking tours“:

1. Fansipan

Fansipan is the highest peak in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, hence earning itself the romantic title ‘Roof of IndoChina’. So, trekking up to the top of the highest mount to hug that triangle metal piece saying “Fansipan 3,143m” has become a long time tradition among young Vietnamese people. And obviously, Fansipan is also a kind of tourist attraction since it is very close to Sapa, a famous destination for tourists in the North of Vietnam, and a few adventurous and athletic travelers love to combine their Sapa trip with this Fansipan Mount trekking.

There are three popular routes to conquer Fansipan, with the starting point is Tram Ton pass, Cat Cat ethnic village or Sin Chai; in which Sin Chai route is said to be the most beautiful but the most dangerous also. Almost all tourists choose Tram Ton pass as the starting point of the climb because it is the easiest way.

The best places for a Sapa trekking tours

Note: Fansipan a very steep mountain that gets a lot of moisture. Although a set trekking route has been designated, there is a lot undulation in the terrain and some sections involve scrambling or climbing. So, trekking Fansipan requires participants a good health. Hence, designing an exercise routine and starting training several months before the climb is a must.

2. Ham Rong mountain

Adjacent to the town, Ham Rong mountain is one of the musts for tourists trekking when traveling toSapa.

Being shaped like a dragon’s head dimly looming in the thin veil of the early morning, Ham Rong (Dragon Jaw) Mountain that is fine combination of man-made and natural landscape is an attractive tourist area in the center of Sapa town.

This is an ideal location for you to trek with numerous kinds of flowers and orchard gardens. Wandering stone paths leads tourists to wild peach forest, then orchid gardens with more than 6000 orchid plants belonging to 194 kinds. Besides, there are a lot of indigenous and exotic flowers grown along the paths like Lily of the Nile, hydrangea, geraniums, ox-eyed daisy and cheery blossom. Mountain fruits like peach, plum, and pear are also found here. The scenery hidden in the fog and echo sound from bamboo flute of Mong minority boy change this place into a heaven on the earth.

3. Muong Hoa valley

Muong Hoa is one of the most famous destinations for breathtaking scenery and is the largest farmland for rice growing in SaPa. So it is well suited for you to make trekking tours.

On the main road leading to Muong Hoa Valley, you will have opportunities to take photos and sight Sapa’s views. This valley has terraced fields which is the most beautiful terraced fields of Sapa. Cross the suspension bridge, you will be visiting the village of weaving and dyeing cloth of the Hmong and exploring Muong Hoa valley. Exploring the magnificent Muong Hoa Valley to enjoy its breathtaking landscapes, you will also paying visit to small and isolated hamlets and villages meet the Black H’mong, Zay and Red Zao at home.

Trekking in Muong Hoa Valley, you will have chance to enjoy an easy walk downhill and along Muong Hoa River, through terraced fields passing some hamlets of the H’Mong people as Y Linh Ho, Lao Chai…, watching the locals at work. In the night, spending in Ta Van village which is Giay minority’s unique village in Sapa will be an excellent and remarkable experience.

The best places for a Sapa trekking tours

4. Love Waterfall

Located in San Sa Ho Commune with 4km to the Northwest of Sapa Town, Love Waterfall deserves to be a must-see in this allured town. The name of this waterfall, Love, originates from a legendary love story that has been told to generations in this land.

Trekking to Love waterfall, tourists might be more and more curious about how beautiful the waterfall is. From far sight, Love Waterfall looks like a sparkling stream of light.

With height of about 100m, and starts from the peak of Fansipan Mountain and rush noisily into the Gold Stream like a never-ending song. Under the waterfall, the Gold Stream runs along with green grass plots and bamboo clusters, forming a poetic image.The stream flows to the forest endlessly, to some places that only passionate people dare to venture into.

5. Ta Van village

The best places for a Sapa trekking tours

Ta Van is a small village set within a picturesque valley not far from the northern Vietnamese mountain resort of Sa Pa. Located far from Sapa less than 10 kilometers, Ta Van – a village of Lao Cai province is lying peacefully in the valley of Muong Hoa. Residents are mainly the H’Mong ethnic, Giay, and Red Dao… with approximately 1000 people.

The road leads to Ta Van village that is small and narrow. Along two sides has a fertile terraced field which adorns by the green of corn and rice. When visitors come to Ta Van village, they will not be amazed at the simple beauty of the houses in the village. Previously, Ta Van based on the customs and characteristic of the Giay in Lao Cai. They live together at the bottom, mountains, the valleys, along streams. So, trekking in here is a good chance to traipse around the rice terraces and experience a bit of rural village life.

If you are a sports lover, love trekking activities. I advise you should choose a tour trekking Sapa even once. You will not regret this decision.