Black chickens – specialty of H’mong people in Sapa

If you have a chance to join a Sapa tour from Hanoi, you should definitely enjoy black chicken which has long been considered as one of the most attractive dishes in Sapa. It is a specialty of H’mong people in Sapa.

Black chickens - specialty of H'mong people in Sapa

Black chicken – local chicken is a kind of small chicken with a dark skin. It just about 1.2kg and looks strange with a super black feathers. Black chickens were grazed naturally so they are quite tough and tasty. Black chickens can be cooked to many different dishes.

It’s more flavorful if you eat the chicken with a mixture of salt, pepper and lime juice. Especially when you enjoy grilled honey black chicken.

Black chickens - specialty of H'mong people in Sapa

With grilled honey black chicken, honey used as the main ingredient of this dish is forest honey that local people have to go deep inside forests to take which is not only sweet but also especially fragrant.

When it comes to to food, it’s not only about the stunning dishes you have for a meal. It’s the people and stories behind the food.

So, hopefully with our suggestion will help will contribute to providing you with useful information about a trip to Sapa.

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