Buckwheat cake – a special food in Ha Giang

What are the special food in Ha Giang ? – the question of many visitors.

So, today, Vietnam Typical Tours want to recommend to visitors:  Buckwheat cake ( cake is made by buckwheat flowers)

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From the middle of October, Ha Giang Plateau is immersed into the pinky-purple color of buckwheat flower. People who come to Ha Giang in the season of buckwheat blooming will see the color of pink and purple spreading everywhere in this land. This color follows the girls wearing tutu or children with a Gui on back in a romantic season.

The local people in here has processed this flower into delicious dishes with high nutrition value and good for health such as buckwheat  cake. 

After blossoming, ethnic people triangular circuit harvested grain, dried and used to make bread, brewed wine, livestock.Seeds triangular circuit was less than half his tiny black beans, crushed into fine powder truth. The dough with a mixture of water and pour into a soft plastic molds rolled into bread. Easy idea, but it turned out to stage grinding hard. Flour milled by hand, if artless bread very susceptible pigs, difficulty eating. Grain drying circuit triangle just how well is the secret. Delicious bread in markets is made from dried seed triangle circuit of a week in the sun’s yellow shiny stone plateau.

After the dough with water to cast into flat round cake, wider span, it will bring steamed. When eaten, will carry out grilled over charcoal to hot and fragrant.Cakes are cooked over an open fire while the arms remain buyers warmth. Only about ten thousand to approximately one bread adult hands. The H’mong come to the market often buy bread to feed the triangle circuit and try to win, as they eat tortillas, rice cakes or sticky guppies.

So, coming to Ha Giang, you can enjoy at the market or buy as a gift for your family at the price of 15,000VND.