Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

Vietnam is endowed with remarkably striking natural landscapes that have never stopped attracting tourists across the world. To turn your Vietnam tour packages into a journey of a lifetime, there should be a list of must-see places of interest in the Northern of Vietnam, where still keeps pristine and mysterious appearance. 

Those who have a thirst for nature should immediately plan for a trip to some of these cloud paradises in Northern Vietnam below.

1. Fansipan – Sapa (Lao Cai)

Dubbed “the roof of Indochina”, Fansipan is just perfect for those seeking a stunning view at a new altitude. It is not strange that tourists find it super excited to “hunt clouds” .

Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

Standing on top of the mountain, riveting distant sceneries, you are guaranteed to have both anxiety and enthusiasm since feeling like a real part of the magnificent nature. At a height of 3,143 meters, the peak is probably an energy challenge, but when reaching the top, you will be sure that it is worth your effort. The best time to have a shoot of soothing clouds usually falls between September and March, when it is utterly cold and frosty – many travelers say.

Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

A little suggestion for those who wish to conquer this mountain top easily with: Discovery Sapa & Conquering Fansipan by Cable Car 2 days.

2. Y Ty, Lao Cai

Y Ty commune upland areas on the north pole is protruding Bat Xat district (Lao Cai) is a “hunting cloud” is famous for adventurers. Located at an altitude of 1,805 m, it is the fog covered year round.

Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

Climbing higher, visitors will feel like that their hands are in spotless white sea of ​​clouds and sunshine flooded in glistening silver. The winding mountain clouds makes the scenery even more attractive.

Time “hunting cloud” Y Ty perfect is from the August of previous year to March next year. Season meet the highest clouds are from the New Year until the beginning of April.

3.  Ta Xua (Son La)

More than 200 kilometers from Hanoi, Ta Xua commune, Son La province has recently emerged as a destination for young people to record the frame as beautiful as a dream in a magical unreal paradise. The path is not too strenuous, and you do not have to climb, only about 45kmroad from the town of Bac Yen to Ta Xua is slightly steep, it is the number one choice for the majority of those who want to contemplate this wonderful scenery .

Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

Features of the cloud ocean in Ta Xua are very quiet and stunning cloud because this valley are not windy, thanks to the mountains surrounding. So when the temperature rise, the new cloud also rises, and you can enjoy sightseeing without worrying about fast-moving clouds.

4.  Chieu Lau Thi (Hoang Su phi, Ha Giang)

Chieu Lau Thi is a new peak discovered and explored in Ho Thau commune, Hoang Su Phi district, Ha Giang province. The road to Chieu Lau Thi remains intact, is a place for trekking, hunting ideal for you to challenge yourself, explore the beautiful beauty majestic, beautiful.

Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

The scene at the top of Chieu Lau Thi is amazing even for those who have been hunting for cloud several times, blue and white clouds cluttered with majestic mountains, a vast sea of clouds. For Chieu Lau Thi, the sunset or sunrise will also attract visitors. You think that you are lost in the fairyland, this is the reward for your efforts, it is the sea, the waves are rolling clouds coincide with the warm rays, soft sweet.

5. Sin Ho, Lai Chau

Sin Ho is a poor upland districts of Lai Chau. Few doubted would travel here, but with some people, especially the paparazzi, this is a “paradise” on earth. Way up here, though difficult, driving tired when the day arrived, but the results are excellent.

Where can you hunt beautiful clouds in Northern Vietnam ?

The sunset in here, the clouds spilled into the valley, right at the foot limbo, feeling high standing in the clouds indeed indescribable in words.

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