Can swim on Ba Be Lake???

Located in Nam Mau commune, Ba Be district, Bac Kan province, 230 km from Hanoi. Local people call Ba Be is Slam Pé, meaning three lakes. This name derives from the fact that the lake is the confluence of the three tributaries of Pe Lam , Pe Lu and Pe Leng.

Surface area of the lake is approximately 5 million m2, depth up to 30 m, located in the middle of limestone mountains. And this is the largest natural fresh water lake in Vietnam.

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Can swim on Ba Be Lake???

When is the best time to visit?

Any time of the year, Ba Be is also very beautiful. Water as clear as jade lake, primary forest also lush all year round, so every season is attractive to anyone.

Come to Ba Be Lake in the summer is also the time you can soak in the lake. Swimming in this place will give you a wonderful experience: watching the green mountains around the pool, bathed in clear water as jade.

So, You can swim on Ba Be Lake. With note: The water is very clean, fresh and safe. Ba Be lake is 35m at its deepest point. The best place to swim is Widow island with 18 m of deep, where you can jump down from a height of 5m. (At your own risk!) It’s nice to take some beer, or cola on the island. Remember you can’t buy the drink in there so should buy it from the shop near the lakeshore. And remember: Be very careful with this activity and make sure you have the ability to swim well.

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