Choosing Vietnam for your family holiday – Why not ?

The world is big, and there are a lot of things  to see in one’s life time. However, your family will never have to regret if choosing Vietnam as your family holiday now and in the future. We’re confident that our family holidays will excite and inspire for both your family. Will you never regret when coming this beautiful country.

VietNam Typical Tours will tell you the top reasons why Vietnam should be a must-see destination for your upcoming family trip :

1. Vietnam – a land of many breathtaking landscapes

Come to Vietnam, you will find it is a truly destination for families with many beautiful landscapes to see: from majestic mountains to blue sea with white sand, from noisy cities to peaceful villages, from ancient temples and pagoda to mausoleum, palaces and tombs stretching from the North to the South. Here are top best highlights in your Vietnam family tour: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa, Ninh Binh, Hoi An, Hue city, Ho Chi Minh city, Mekong delta, Nha Trang beach or Phu Quoc island.

Choosing Vietnam for your family holiday - Why not ?

Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is a bustling, chaotic and vibrant metropolitan, while Hanoi , with its leafy gardens and gracious French colonial architecture is one of Asia’s most beautiful cities.


If the pace of the city is a little too frantic, take some time out and sail through the breathtakingly beautiful Halong Bay on a traditional Chinese junk, or head for one of Vietnam’s beach resorts, where there are a wealth of water-based activities for kids to enjoy.


There are spectacular mountain and jungle treks to suit adventurous families, from the tranquil hill station of Dalat in the south, to the enchanting valley of Sa Pa in the northern highlands.

2. Vietnam – rich culture and Interesting history

For families and children with an inquisitive spirit and love exploring, Vietnam is an exciting and rewarding destination, offering unique lessons in culture that are not soon forgotten.

A country that has emerged from war with its head held high. The hard work ethic of the Vietnamese people has helped the nation get back on its feet. with the great battles to gain national independence (with the resistance against the French and the America) will answer all your children’s curiosity about our small but courage country.

Vietnam is a multi-nationality country with 54 ethnic groups, which contributes not only to a rich culture but also a variety changes for tourists to learn about the colorful diversity pieces of Vietnam whole country. Different custom, particular dishes, various stories in every place you get through will surely bring you a delightful travelling time.

3. Vietnam – Unique Local Experience

Not only the activities to admire the beauty of nature, but the experiences to localize your holiday also will enrich your memorable stories to share with friends when coming back home. What your heart desires, Vietnam will please it.

Vietnam is one of the sorts of destinations with pretty mixture of unique interesting. When joining a Family Vietnam Holiday, you can spend a night tasting the local dinner and try some mountainous wine when staying in the northern mountainous area, then you can have chance to talk with happy hard working farmers and experience a day in rural Tra Que Herb village when travelling to the Central and reach Hoi An.

Moreover, when heading to the South, your family will be warmly welcomed by the sympathetic friend in Mighty Floating Mekong Delta and your kids will receive a new sense of appreciation for life.


4. Vietnam – a country of friendly and hospitable people

Like many other neighbor countries such as Laos and Cambodia, Vietnam has a precious treasure: its people. Everywhere you go, you will be welcomed by smiles and kind helps from the locals- whether they know Vietnamese or not.

Vietnamese young generation are very eager for learning new culture and making friends, then don’t surprise when seeing them just running out of their houses simply to wave “Hello! Hello!”.


5. Vietnam – a destination with affordability

Beside the beautiful landscape and friendly people, Vietnam is a well-known destination among budget travelers. Though the price is climbing monthly at a daunting rate, it is still much cheaper than travelling in other continents. But Vietnam, one of the cheapest destinations in 2017 by Forbes magazine voted.

Forbes has interviewed 14 travel experts who make it their business to keep track of the best bargains around the world to make a list of the most affordable destinations to visit in 2017. And Vietnam is ranked as one of cheapest places this year.

Ranking the country at eighth on the list, experts of the magazine said that affordable upscale accommodations, cheap and remarkably healthy food and beautiful sights make Vietnam a standout among budget-friendly South Asian destinations.

6. Vietnam – a place for many delicious cuisines

Choosing Vietnam for your family holiday - Why not ?

Vietnamese great food will be one of the highlight of your trip. And Vietnam is also well-known as a place for many delicious cuisines in each destination. There are many restaurants for both Asian and European, even for vegetarian.

Not only the famous dishes such as Pho, Bun Cha, Cha ca that have owned the favorable recognition from the international world, but many delicious and unique dishes all over the countries served in various way: street vendor, dinner with local family, meal in local restaurant will make you fall in love with Vietnam Cuisine.


7. Vietnam – A nowhere-to-be-found travel experience

As stated as the beginning of this article, Vietnam has many interesting things for families to do together. 

For nature and culture lovers, a trek to the rural mountain of Sapa will surely be a highlight in your trip. Imagine you with your family are surrounded by the breeze, the fragrance, the pristine, the dew, and the colourful clothes of ethnic people – go for your dream trip!

And whether you love the mountains or the beautiful beach, Vietnam will meet those requirements.

With all above reasons, there is no reason to miss Vietnam in your coming family holiday.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you want to book Vietnam family tour with the best price and itinerary. Our travel consultants are willing to support you at any time.