Delicious corn sweetened porridge for summer days

With this simple receipt, it won’t take too long for you to do this wonderful sweetened porridge for summer days.

On the weekends, cooking for your relatives to enjoy is also fun.

Now, Let’s listen to our instructions for sweetened porridge.

Delicious corn sweetened porridge for summer days


– 2-3 corns

– 1 bowl of cassava flour

– 50g sugar

– 100ml coconut milk

– ½ spoon of salt

– 1 spoon of corn powder.

How to make ???

– Remove corn kernels, keep the corn cob.

– Pour 2 bowls of water in a pot, put corn kernels and cob in to boil until corn kernels are soft.

– Mix cassava flour with cold water, pour cassava flour in the corn pot, stir it well until the cassava flour turns to crystal color. Turn off the stove.

– Pour coconut milk, sugar, corn powder in the pot. Put on the stove and turn down for small fire and stir until coconut milk gets viscid.

– Ladle in a bowl and put some coconut milk on it. You can add some ice if you want to drink enjoy cool drink.

This dish is very simple to make. Everyone can cook on their own. Now, you can call your friend and appointment calendar cook this dish for they enjoy !!!