Discover the colorful markets of Sapa in your Vietnam tour

Sapa are known beauty landscapes, quaint customs of ethnic minorities who live there and beneficent climate all year round. It is an ideal destination for those who love hiking in nature and want to explore life in the mountains.

Coming Sapa, You will be impressed by the vibrant life of local minorities (Black H’mong, Red Dao, Thai) who sell in markets embroideries, silver jewelry, clothes and traditional items. So, will very great if you can discover the colorful markets of Sapa in your Vietnam tour.

markets in Sapa

These weekly markets are an integral part of daily life of local people, who exchange goods and there are meetings. Some features make absolutely indispensable: overflowing on the sidewalks of the main street, the variety of local products and especially the colorful clothes and big smiles of minorities.

Markets in Sapa

The weekly market in Bac Ha (Sunday): the largest, the liveliest and the most colorful of all the markets. It therefore attracts many tourists. It is frequented by the Hmong Flowers whose clothes are very colorful.

The Can Cau market (Saturday), 20 km from Bac Ha: a small ultra-colorful market situated in a valley surrounded by mountains. This market reflects the characteristics of cultural minorities. You can access it by motorcycle taxi from Bac Ha, or from Sapa. You can shop while drinking a cup of wine sold in the market. It’s will be an experience unforgettable in your Vietnam tour.

markets in Sapa

The Coc Ly market (Tuesday) is a small colorful market. From the early morning, the ethnic minority groups arrive to this market on horseback or on foot. It often sells buffalo and horses. In the gastronomic area you can taste the thang cô (horse offal), a specialty of some North ethnicities.

The Market Cao Son (Thursday) is a small market located in the countryside, in the middle of rice terraces and cornfields. Participants are villagers of ethnic Hmong, Black Dao, Nung, Tu Di and Di Pa.

The Market Lung Khau Nhin (Thursday) is located 50 km from Lao Cai and is near the Chinese border. It plays an important role in the spiritual life of local ethnic people (H’mong, Dao blacks Dzay) who share food, vegetables and equipment for agriculture.

Enjoy your Vietnam tour to discover the beautiful landscape, the lifestyle of ethnic minorities as well as the lively atmosphere prevailing in the markets in Sapa!

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