Experience Where Love Begins in Lung Phin Market in Hagiang

From Meo Vac Town, driving 15km along the scenic 4C Road of the route Dong Van – Meo Vac – Yen Minh to Lung Phin Commune, Meo Vac District, you should not miss the chance to experience Lung Phin Fair taking place on Monkey and Tiger days (Vietnamese calendar).

Lung Phin Market in Ha Giang is not only place of traditional selling and buying ritual but also where love begins among the young.

Experience Where Love Begins in Lung Phin Market in Hagiang

This fair can be considered as a big festival of more than 16 minorities living around the Stone Plateau. It is one of the particular “backward fairs” in Northern Vietnam because the distance of two times of fair is steadily 6 days; if it happens on Tiger day this week, it will take place on Monkey day next week (Vietnamese calendar). Each fair lasts from 4am or 5am to 3pm or 4pm.

As the constant schedule, in the early morning, the ethnic people from villages backpack their goods to arrive in the fair on time. Specially, their goods are sometimes only a chicken, a dozen of egg, a bungle of sugarcane, or simply a pack of vegetable which show how simple the fair is and make visitors interested. They buy some goods like mint honey, Lung Phin Shan Tea, chicken and brocade products the most.

However, the girls and boys from far village coming here for not only barter but also fun and finding a haft of life. It’s reason why they put on themselves clothes as beautiful as they are in a real festival. The scenery is so fascinating by the charming and colorful costumes of ladies: H’mong girls in dresses decorated with flowery patterns, Red Dao girls in sparkling silver jewelry and even children wearing new dresses and following the adults to the fair.

So, after the fair, no one wants to leave. They promise to see each other in the next fair. And then, they bring their goods back to home and finish a memorable fair.

Once visiting Lung Phin Fair, you will have an exhaustive look at how unique the fair is and how simple but significant local life in here.

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