Guides to get the best trekking in Sapa Vietnam

Sapa with incredibly picturesque, the cool mountain air was refreshing, and it was just great to be out exploring nature. So this is among the best places all over the country for trekking. Depending on their trekking skills and ability, tourists can choose the trekking route which is most suitable.

Guides to get the best trekking in Sapa Vietnam

If you’re travelling all the way to Northern Vietnam, you shouldn’t miss trekking in Sapa. And below will be guides to get the best trekking in Sapa Vietnam.

A local guide

With a trekking in half a day or one day in the villages of the local people, you can do it yourself. But if you want to stay a few days in the mountains, you should trekking with local guides familiar with the terrain and the best of the trails in the trekking trail.

With a local person who can speak English and this is the best way to discover the daily life of ethnic minorities.

Things to bring for trekking in Sapa

– Wear sturdy shoes

You will scrambling up the mountain on all fours, hopping across ditches, or you can have to cut across a bamboo forest. It was demanding and you’ll want good footwear.

You should wear good shoes, bring a rain coat because of the changing weather. When it rains the trekking road will be muddy, you’d better have a walking pole.

And remember bring clothing to replace when your clothes are dirty. The temperature gets cooler in the evening so you should have a jacket with you.

– Preventative medicine box.

You may need it

– Bring double the water

Actually make that triple. You will get thirsty and you’ll be guzzling more water than. It’s a horrible feeling realizing you’ve just drank the last drop of your water and there are still another 2 hours of hiking ahead of you. So, bring double the water you think you’ll need.

Don’t forget your camera

The landscape of Sapa and the surrounding area is very beautiful so make sure that you bring along your camera and the battery is fully charged.

– Note: please bring small luggage, because the guide is not a carrier, so only bring what is absolutely necessary to you. Remember, your bag will be heavy when you wear trekking.

For the people who do the tour by themselves, you need to bring some food such as bread, snacks and soft drink for lunch.

Now do not worry, just book a trekking tour in Sapa. VietNam Typical Tours will be the reliable place to give you the best advice and service for the trip.