Hagiang – Ideal travel destination for family holiday in Vietnam can not miss

Ha Giang is the province in the mountain area in the North of Vietnam. The geography and terrains in Ha Giang Province are totally unique which leave Ha Giang amazing landscapes and this will be a ideal travel destination for family holiday in Vietnam can not miss. Discover fantastic nature in Vietnam, not only beautiful nature, while family travel to Ha Giang in Vietnam will also have great opportunities to explore wonderful culture of local people, hill tribe people, experience their daily life will also be wonderful memories about family holiday in Vietnam.

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Ha Giang is about 280 kilometers from Hanoi, is the mountain areas with high and vertical mountains. There are also flat terrains, valleys which leave Ha Giang wonderful landscapes and this make Ha Giang to be one of the favorite places to visit while spend holidays for family in Vietnam. The rice terraces in Ha Giang is absolutely amazing, especially the rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi has been selected to be the natural heritage of Vietnam because of its beauty. Visiting Ha Giang, enjoy truly fabulous landscapes, breathtaking rice terraces will bring family brilliant experience for their family holiday in Ha Giang in Vietnam.

  Hagiang - Ideal travel destination for family holiday in Vietnam can not miss

Besides great nature, breathtaking landscapes, there are also some places to visit in Ha Giang like viewing deck in Quan Ba City, Lung Cu Peak or Ma Pi Leng Peak. All these spots offer amazing panoramic views of hill tribe villages, mountains, towns and rice fields. Enjoy sunrise, sunset or simply enjoy the natural landscapes from these spots are truly wonderful moments for family holiday in Vietnam.

There are also a few great historical sites in Ha Giang Province like House of H’mong King, Pho Bang Ancient Village or Ancient Street in Dong Van, all these have beautiful traditional architecture of Tay, Nung and H’mong People which ensure that family will have fantastic time while visit all these places while spending family holiday in Ha Giang.

Travel to Ha Giang Province in Vietnam, discover culture of hill tribe people, visit their home, experience their daily life is also wonderful for family tours in Ha Giang. It is the home of many different minority people group. As Ha Giang is on mountain areas, far away from big cities therefore all minority people groups in Ha Giang still stay untouched from tourism and civilization. Visit local markets, meet hill tribe people, socialize to them will be wonderful experience while taking family holidays in Vietnam.

  Hagiang - Ideal travel destination for family holiday in Vietnam can not miss

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