Halong Bay – the ideal destination for family holiday with kids

The jewel in Vietnam’s crown, traveling to Halong Bay will make your family holiday with kids become more interesting. Because this is a really the ideal destination for family holiday with kids.

Halong Bay - the ideal destination for family holiday with kids

Family holiday with kids in Vietnam can sometimes be hard work, so Halong Bay provides just the right mixture of relaxation and outdoor activity to break up a trip around the country or even as a family holiday destination in itself. Hire a boat and then just take a few days to sit back and soak up the stunning limestone island formations all around “Descending Dragon Bay” while the kids hike, explore caves and swim to their hearts’ content.

Ha Long Bay with kids

What makes Halong Bay so memorable are the numerous limestone islands that jut outside of the water making all sorts of stunning silhouettes against the skyline. Some of these islands purely serve as scenery for brilliant photos whilst others have caves, jungle to trek through and beaches to explore.

Cruising is what’s done here your family explore the Bay from a boat which you can hire for a few hours up to a few days.

Certainly can not doubt that a trip to Halong Bay will provide some of the most amazing travel photos for your family album and is one of the most memorable ways to do Vietnam with kids.

The Activities in Halong Bay for family holiday with kids

Halong Bay - the ideal destination for family holiday with kids

You and your family can expect to visit places like Sung Sot or Surprise Cave at Bo Hon Island. This is one of the largest in Halong Bay and is fun for kids to explore. Also on Bo Hon is Luon Cave which is an excellent and memorable place to kayak.

Ti Top Island is one of the most popular beaches in the area which is worthwhile if you want a sand stop. There are hotels and restaurants on the beach too. Soi Sim Beach is a little less touristy and also has trekking up to an outlook that will give fantastic views.

There are communities of fishermen who live on floating villages that your family with your kids can also visit and is a way of life specific to Halong Bay. This is an insightful way to interact with the locals and let the kids experience a different culture.

Then, depending on which boat your charter, there is swimming in the bay, fishing, tai chi and pearl shopping to entertain and keep you busy.

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