How to make a very flavorful “bun cha thit nuong” (Vietnamese kebabs rice noodles)

The renowned “bun cha” is considered as Hanoi traditional cuisine. How to make “bun cha” to get fragrant flavor, tender and absorbed kebabs are the concerns of many people who want to make at home.

How to make a very flavorful “bun cha thit nuong” (Vietnamese kebabs rice noodles)

Today, VietNam Typical Tours will guide you how to make kebabs rice noodles with delicious taste at home.

Kebab rice noodles is totally made from the Vietnam traditional ingredients but it is presented in the form of a Western dish: each one has his own sauce, vegetables, spices, and kebab rice noodles.


1/2 kg bacon
1/2 kg lean shoulders
2 shallots
5-6 stalks of lemongrass
Garlic, chilli, lemon
1 carrot, 1/2 papaya
Raw vegetables: lettuce, coriander
Spices: soup powder, seasoning powder, MSG, brown sugary water

Step 1: clean two kinds of meat. Then, mince lean shoulder to make grilled kebabs. For bacon, largely slice to grill on charcoal to make charcoal grilled pork (cha mieng).

Step 2: Make sure not lacking seasonings to marinate together. Remove shell of lemongrass, pound then thinly slice. Add more lemongrasses to the marinated bowl to increase the fragrance of kebabs.

Step 3: Clean all raw vegetables, leave to drain the water. Soak with salt water to make vegetables fresher, remember to wash them gently to avoid being broken.

Step 4: To get great kebabs, mixture of spices is a very necessary and important factor in marinating meat helping the kebabs as tasty as the authentic recipe. The below recipe is for 1 kg meat.

3 tsp soup powder
3 tsp sugar
3 tsp MSG
1 tsp shrimp paste (according to the Hanoi traditional bun cha, shrimp paste helps dish more yummy, however if you cannot stand the paste flavor, do not add it)
One spoon of brown sugary water can be home-cooked or you can buy. (bitter sugar for alternative)
After stirring spices, separate into three parts. One to mix with minced lemongrass, one to mix with sliced bacon, the rest to stir with grounded meat. Then marinate in 30 minutes until all kinds of meats being well absorbed with spices.

Step 5: Papaya and carrot with sour and sweet flavor cannot lack in bun cha. To make the mixture salad, you cut off papaya thinly into mouth-sized pieces. Soak in salt cool water in 15 minutes to reduce the strong smell. Besides, soak with cool water also helps carrots and papayas more crispy. Take them out then drain the water.

Then add a little lemon, sugar, soup powder, vinegar and chilli to make salad have enough flavors of sour and sweet. You can season to fit your taste.

Step 6: After marinating meat, form into meatballs, assemble to the grill then start grilling. Cover cooking oil on the surface of meatballs to avoid being sticky to the grill.

For charcoal grilled pork, we have two ways: first way, stretch the marinated meat on the charcoal grill, grill until meat turn brown golden colour. Or the second way, you can use chopsticks which are cut in halves, then assemble marinated meat in the verticality. Grill on charcoal until turning to brown golden color.

Remember while grilling, occasionally cover a little cooking oil or marinated mixture on the grill to avoid the sticking to grill, as well as easy to turn up and not breakable.

How to make a very flavorful “bun cha thit nuong” (Vietnamese kebabs rice noodles)

Step 7. It is not only the recipe to marinate kebabs, but the important factor is also the sour sweet sauce with eye-catching garlic floating on the surface of sauce. These below are recipe to make bun cha sauce.

5 teaspoon cool boiled water
2 tsp fish sauce
5 tsp lemon juice
5 tsp sugar
Pour all of them together, stir well until gaining the tasty flavor of sour, salty and sweet. Add chopped garlic and chilli on the top. Before mix the sauce, you just need to soak garlic and chilli on the lemon juice for a while if you want those float.

How to make a very flavorful “bun cha thit nuong” (Vietnamese kebabs rice noodles)

The kebab rice noodles’s recipe is easy to make but how delicious it is will be up to the chef’s experiences and secrets. Especially, the sauce is an important part of this dish. That explain why Hanoi kebab rice noodles differs from others kebab rice noodles.

Step 8: Now, time to assemble kebabs, noodles, raw vegetables, sauces and papaya- carrot salad.

How to make a very flavorful “bun cha thit nuong” (Vietnamese kebabs rice noodles)

Now, Let’s eat them !!! VietNam Typical Tours wishes you and your family a good meal ! 😉