Immediately admire the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with diversified topography from river to sea, plain to mountain that offers a lot of spectacular landscapes. In which, there are many beautiful lakes consisting of both natural lakes and artificial, lakes ranging from North to South. And you are highly recommended to visit one of those lakes while traveling in Vietnam.

The below will be: the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam that You should visit when traveling in Vietnam.

1. Ba Be Lake

Located 250 km away from Hanoi and 70 km away from Bac Kan’s center, Ba Be National Park belongs to Ba Be district in Bac Kan province. This is a precious natural heritage of Vietnam, a complete and complicated system of primitive forest on stone mountains which are surrounded by tranquil lakes.

Immediately admire the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam

Visitors who come to Ba Be not only enjoy the charisma of nature but also get to know many traditional and scientific values of this natural park through the helpful and energetic tour guides. In sunny days, the scenery resembles a Feng Shui painting that mesmerizes even the most demanding visitors. The surface of the lake is flat; it transforms the whole lake into a mirror that reflects the figures of the majestic mountains and the shining cloud.

2. Nui Coc Lake

Nui Coc Lake in Thai Nguyen is an attractive destination with picturesque scenery scenery and the legend of sad love story between a girl named Cong and a man named Coc.

Immediately admire the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam

Nui Coc Lake is located in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province. Coming there, tourists in Vietnam travel will be greeted by immense emerald rice fields along the way to Nui Coc Lake. Passing18km of windy roads from Thai Nguyen City’s centre to the lake are lined by tea-terraced fields on hills, and gentle rivers under a blue sky. Tourists always are surprised by the mystical beauty of Nui Coc Lake. Its scene is more like a water-colour painting than a real landscape.

Immediately admire the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam

In here, you will feel quiet and pleasant life far from the hustle and bustle of the urban life. And you will be learn about the legend of the romantic love between the girl named Cong and the man named Coc.

According to the legend, there was a couple love each other very much but their love did not have happy ending due to the different social positions. All Vietnamese people know the sad story, as the legend that “One pained person cries and the tears have become a river. One person who spent a life waiting becomes the mountain.” So, since then every year, in summer, when violet sim (violet myrtle flower) boomed on Coc Mountain and on Cong River, people remember this beautiful love.

Visiting Nui Coc Lake, tourists in Vietnam travel will also have the chance to visit another interesting place on Nui Coc lake – Huyen Thoai Cung (Palace of Legend).
And with the hidden charm of Nui Coc Lake, it is certainly that tourists will have good memories when visiting here.

3. Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake located in the Yen Bai province, it is one of the three largest artificial lakes in Vietnam. Created since the commissioning of the hydropower plan in 1971, it covers an approximate area of 20,000 square meters for a length of 80 km.

Immediately admire the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam

Thac Ba lake has more than 1300 islands and numerous caves hence it get the name: Halong on mountain. A cruise on Thac Ba lake give visitors a chance to immerse in pure nature of fresh air and magnificent landscape.

4. Hoa Binh Lake

Immediately admire the most beautiful lakes in Vietnam

Hoa Binh Lake is a popular stop while you are on the way to visit to Mai Chau Valley. It is so beautiful that tourists even praise it as Halong Bay on mountain. This lake offers great scenery with picturesque islands jutting out from the lake surface. 

Now remember the names of these lakes, wait for the day to come to Vietnam and visit them !!!