Indispensible experiences in your trip at Co To Island

Forget Ha Long Bay. Coming to Co To Island to refresh the experiences. Coming to Co To Island you don’t know what to do? So let’s look at our suggestion here.

Indispensible experiences in your trip at Co To Island.

Seeing sunset on small Co To Island

Indispensible experiences in your trip at Co To Island

After a day exploring, there is nothing better than lying on the beach, admiring the sun starts setting on the foot of mountains.

Taking sunrise photos from Cau My peak

 When travelling in Co To Island, tourists usually spend sunrise time for Cau My because it may be the best time to contemplate the beauty of dawn on the island with pristine early lights of a new day and mystic beauty of the sea. Therefore, don’t miss to take sunrise photos in the area.

Swimming on Hong Van Beach where sea water has jade green colour.

Indispensible experiences in your trip at Co To Island

Hong Van is about 7 km from Co To center, belonging to Hong Hai village, Dong Tien Commune. As far away from populated areas, Hong Van owns long white sandy beaches and calm sea water. On the sandy beach are unique wooden houses, close to nature so that you can be spoiled for sightseeing.

Fishing in night boat with locals

Star- sky night with fresh wind and light from fishing boats of locals will definitely attract tourists. And this is the most ideal time to experience fishing on boats of local peoples.

Ride a bike on the romantic road of love of Co To Island

Indispensible experiences in your trip at Co To Island

Anyone coming Co To will know about a romantic road of love here. The road with over 2 km long lies about 100m from Co To center. The road is paved with red bricks, stretching along the coastline. Whether walking or cycling, you’ll feel incredibly romantic atmosphere. This is also the most beautiful place for couples to take their wedding photos.

Enjoy spectacular view from the lighthouse of Co To Island

The lighthouse station in Co To is one out of more than 30 operating lighthouses throughout the country with the height of 118m from the sea level. In order to get there, you have to overcome steep bends to reach the lighthouse, then continue climbing 72 stairs from the foot to the top. Here, you can enjoy panoramic view of the green scenery of the sky and sea in Co To.

Summer is very hot and Co To Island  is waiting for you !


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