Kayaking – a interesting activity for Adventure holiday in Viet Nam

Kayaking is one of the exciting activities for Adventure holiday in Viet Nam. Join a adventure holiday in Viet Nam but you  don’t join Kayaking. It would be a great pity for your Adventure holiday.

Kayak is the use of a small boat (called kayak) to go across the river, the lake and even the sea. It is rowed completely by manpower. It always floats in any circumstances. It is a very popular type of travel means that people use to sightseeing.

Kayak appeared in Vietnam in 90s and quickly became an interested service in famous destinations. It is an extreme unique way to enjoy the view, when you can use your hand to control a boat and wriggle through small caves, islands, approach closely to the mountain foots, etc.
Kayak in Viet Nam
Kayak on the sea
Ha Long Bay may be the most famous name for kayak on the sea. With kayak, you can see the beautiful caves and mountains on the sea with the closest view.
Kayak in Viet Nam
Phu Quoc, Con Dao, Cat Ba Island with stunning sceneries and gentle water are other excellent destinations for kayak. After rowing your kayak to the sea (about some miles away from the shore), you can lying on the boat and enjoy the beauty of blue sky, turquoise sea around you.
Kayak through the caves
Kayak in Viet Nam
Vietnam has a lot of caves with streams running through such as Phong Nha-Ke Bang (Quang Binh Province), Thien Duong Cave (Quang Binh Province), etc. It will be a awesome experience for you.
Kayak on the river and stream

kayak in Viet Nam

It is a outstanding way to explore the amazing natural beauty on the river banks and discover the life and culture of locals located along the river. You can choose Nuoc Moc Stream (Quang Binh), Cai River (Nha Trang), Can Tho River (Can Tho),etc.
And, now, Are you ready a Adventure Holidays with kayak of us. You will have a fun and exciting experience !