Lan Ha Bay – Top choice in Cat Ba Island

Lan ha bay is located in the south of Ha Long Bay. It belongs to Cat Ba islands area, Hai Phong city. Many people think that it is Halong bay area because it also has hundreds of islands like Halong bay. However, Lan Ha bay is different with hundreds of small beaches, in here has the 300 or so karst islands and have the additional attraction of numerous white-sand beaches. 

Lan Ha Bay - Top choice in Cat Ba Island

Hiding in the peaceful gulf, separated from the rest of the world, many small fishing villages show a relaxed pace of life raising their regional specialties such as mussels and oysters. They will be, eventually, turned into fresh, savory, nutritious meals or pearl souvenirs for the guests. The calm and clear waters in some islands such as Sen Island, Cu Island, Khi Island (Monkey Island) offer favorable conditions for diving and coral-sightseeing; …

Many tourists come to these beaches for swimming, kayaking, having sunbath or have a picnic lunch on the beach. Especially, in some big beaches, local people has invested to build some bungalows where you can come to stay overnight such as Monkey Island Resort, Sandy Beach Resort, Castaway bungalow, Cove Beach bungalow…

Lan Ha Bay - Top choice in Cat Ba Island

Located adjacent to Halong Bay, if you want, you could combine visiting Lan Ha Bay with other tourist attractions in Halong Bay.

– Luon Cave (Hang Luồn)

The cave always attracts tourists not only because of the unique shapes but also the harmony and appealing natural scenery.

-Nam Cat Island (Đảo Nam Cát)

Attract tourists because of the wild characters with four surfaces of nature, exotically charming forests and sea surrounding. Coming here, tourists always enjoy the feeling of tranquility. 

– Monkey Island (ĐảoKhỉ) (Cat Dua (CátDứa) Island

the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that there are over 30 monkeys by the rangers of the National Park Cat Ba bring here. They usually play with the tourists at the beach, eat foods delivered by tourists such as bananas, apples, tangerines, candy… Funny monkeys playing and climbing impress those people who ever came here and gradually people call this island as Monkey Island.

– Rua Island (ĐảoRùa)

This is a small island located in the Lan Ha Bay with shapes like the turtle swimming on the water surface. 

– Chuong Island (ĐảoChuông)

Chuong Island has other names which are Nen (Nến) island, But (Bút) Island, Bap Chuoi (Bắp Chuối) Island. This is a small island located on the way from Cat Ba Island to Cua Van (CửaVạn) fishing village.

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