Interesting experiences with traditional villages in Hoi An

Traveling in Hoi An, visitors will not just wander in the ancient town, but also experience and learn something interesting novelties such as learning vegetable growing, pottery, learning fishing or floating on Hoai River, coral diving!

 Interesting experiences in Tra Que vegetable village

Is a traditional vegetable growing village famous for organic methods exist more than 300 years of Cam Ha, the center of Hoi An ancient town is about 3 km. Tra Que vegetable planting village about 20 categories, including leafy vegetables and herbs.

experiences with traditional villages in Hoi An

Coming to this vegetable village, visitors not only get firsthand look at the lush green garden, stroll around the rustic countryside, but also to become vegetable growers, too! Visitors will be guided through sowing, planting, watering vegetables and tending vegetables and harvesting by local people.


In addition, guests will also be learning food processing, from the vegetables and enjoy delicious cuisine amid the peaceful village. This will be one of the great experiences for visitors traveling in Hoi An.

Pottery learning in Thanh Ha pottery village

Thanh Ha pottery village is traditional pottery village formed around century XV – XVI, situated on the banks of the Thu Bon River and the old town of Hoi An approximately 2 km.

Travel in Hoi An, tourists can visit the Thanh Ha pottery village and choose products exquisite handmade ceramics, pottery experience with the artisans. Guests will be immersed in the world of clay, molded into living things like bowls, vases, … or the cute animals.

Become fishermen at the Bay Mau water coconut forest


Bay Mau coconut forest is located in the village of Thanh Nhut, Cam Thanh and just downtown Hoi An approximately 5 km, promises to be much point to bring exciting experience for visitors in summer.

hoi an village

Besides, visitors will become fishermen: crab, netting, cast fishing, shrimp. Then, tourists can enjoy rustic dishes, flavor characteristic of the suburbs of Hoi An.