Mango Garden – a fun destination with vegetable ecosystem diversity.

Just 30km from Saigon you will be riding ostriches, grass sliding, walking between the bamboo-shaded paths and enjoy the good taste of the meat dishes. Heaven is not any other place that is eco-tourism zone Mango Garden – a fun destination with vegetable ecosystem diversity.

Mango Garden

Coming here, surely you will release the stress, fatigue life and truly exciting moments with friends. Because playing in Mango Garden: There are many interesting games such as: sliding grass, rowing basket, Rowing, Ostrich Riding, Riding bicycle. This traveling site is quite cool and attracts many tourists in this area. Tourists will have the best time with green bamboo forest and green grass next to the fresh lake. 

Ostrich riding

Go Mango Garden, fun that anyone can not be ignored, which is riding an ostrich. You will experience many different emotions while sitting on the backs of tall ostrich. The first fear is thrilling to be dropped to the ground, but then again this is a pleasurable feeling when the first excitement is riding on the back of this animal funny. There will be no bridle or helmets like horseback riding, the only thing that keep you from falling off of it clinging. If you accidentally fall into, you do not fear because it does not hurt that just makes you more interesting with the cheery laugh really.

Mango Garden

Slide the grass

Apart from ostrich riding, sliding grass is entertainment attracted the participation of many young people. The game gives you a new feel like skiing while controlling shoe slip on the green grass. You will have the opportunity to show the dexterity of his hands when using the stick to balance while sliding. If you like thrills, players can sit on a small tray to its own employees on the slopes away from tall grass. No players are excited that viewers have no less enthusiastic dancers.

Mango Garden

Welcome rowing on the lake

Want to try paddle boats or kayaks tricuspid, boat … you can come celebrate Mango Garden to satisfy this desire. On Form E vast lake, it is interesting to control the nets (vehicles on the Central Coast, north) swimming in the deep blue water. Or the group can split up into teams celebrate with a very interesting paddle. Besides helping you to discharge stress, training games while forging unity among the team members.

See horseback riding fun

The game offers a challenging but pleasurable feeling, strange that many travelers are not afraid to try riding a wild horse. But horses were purebred, you can still control them roam the vast grasslands to the romantic scenery around animals. Besides, you can also pass through the field to the “animal world” Mango Garden’s rich to have the opportunity to admire the beauty of the notes, playing with the tiger (tiger), see porcupines, public momentum, pythons, wild pigs and other animals naturally.

horseback riding fun

Shooting paint (Painball)

This game sports a military nature, requiring players to have basic military knowledge as it takes advantage of terrain and material offensive, defensive, tactic … especially in synergistic combat team and sign Voice credits, cue … games just for the collective nature of resistance, taking strict command, which helps players practice their predictable and flexible handling of the situation, creativity, exercise and teamwork.

The location lively bamboo forest terrain, combined with model building spectacular creative and realistic in combat, will certainly bring a lot of interesting and attractive to you.

Interesting couple with bicycle

On cool shady streets, rent a bike sometimes walk with romantic love. Two you can just leisurely cycling, both speaking together and watch the grass hill, romantic gardens of Mango Garden. But like most is that when traveling with friends to form pairs and test to see how the car run faster. Still a bit tired, but in return you will have moments of relaxation and comfort.

And there are many other fun activities here as: Stroll garden architecture, orchids visit or Swimming pool …

It would be great if you came here to enjoy a family holiday with your kids. I believe your kids will so love.