Some things to keep in mind and the best experience for a Fansipan Climbing tour

A Fansipan climbing tour  would be great for who love adventure. However, safety issues should be top priority. So, we will send to travelers: Some things to keep in mind  and the best experience for a Fansipan Climbing tour.

tips Fan climbing

The best time for climbing

The best months to go are from April to May, because it’s warm and the flowers are in bloom, but anytime from October to May is usually okay as well— just be prepared for colder temperatures and quite a bit of fog during the winter months.

Avoid hiking from June to September. It’s the rainy season and makes for very wet, difficult climbing (plus it’s outright dangerous!).

Utensils must bring

Bring warm clothes, temperatures up in the mountains can get very cold, especially at night during the winter months– but it can even get cold during the summer, so be prepared. You’ll also want a raincoat so you can keep dry!

The hike can be wet and slippery, so you’ll want some sturdy, no-slip boots. Rubber boots are a good idea because they’ll keep your feet dry.


If you choose to go with just friends, then keep these safety tips in mind:

Make sure you bring plenty of water and dry food, matches and a flashlight.
Avoid grassy areas or reaching under rocks, as that is where some snakes and scorpions tend to make their home. However, although caution is a good idea, don’t stress about it! This is not a big problem on Fansipan, we just like people to be careful.

GPS devices should be able to get a signal for most of the hike, so use one to keep your bearings (plus there are apps that will track your route, so you can show people later!).
Find an area that is flat and high up to make a signal fire. Fresh wood will make the most smoke.
Follow along streams to reach water sources (which is where you can be sure to find people!).

It would be better if you have a local guide to accompany. And Will better if you contact a reputable travel company to accompany your trip.

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