New homestay concept: chain homestay in Vietnam

The first idea of homestay in Vietnam is the local simple rustic house. You stay with the local family, share their rooms, their beds and even the restroom… Sometimes, the conditions of the local house are not confortable as you expect. To solve this problem, the chain homestay can be a good alternative to the very traditional ones.

What is chain homestay?

The house is still owned by local host. But there is a management and consultancy agency who helps the local people set up and manage the homestay following the agency’s elegant style. The beds are so clean, the restrooms are shining like in hotel, the food is well decorated. They even have therapy services such as herbal spa, massage and receptionists who give you a warm welcome and all information if you require. That sounds like 5-stars service for a local homestay experience. The first time we came to the homestay in Mai Chau, although it was just a common dormitory, we found that it is quite similar to a small luxury ecolodge style but the cost is still at the very same level to the traditional homestay.
Moreover, you can stay together in a traditional house, having fun and being in touch with the local people and nature, experiencing the simple village life and learn something about the life of local people.

Which one do you prefer?

So, you prefer the well-organised chain homestay or real local rustic one? Maybe, you should first try this new style of homestay. Please contact our consultant at for a tour request.