The Rice Terrace in Autumn Sapa

It’s amazing to experience the changes of Rice Terrace in Sapa. Vietnam is formerly developed from farming. Rice is an integral part of every Vietnamese people. However, it depends on each geography, habitat, and culture, rice implantation methods are different, too. 

The previous three months, when the minority farmers do the soil work, then the rice grows gradually under the care of the farmers, after about 3 months, rice is ready for being picked up. 

rice terrace in Sapa

If we wander here, all the paddy fields prevail yellow-brown colors as gold one. Is then when the contrasts are magnificent giving Sapa and the villages around a magic environment like something enchanted is giving magical touches, the smell of young rice is also unforgettable.

harvest time in Sapa

This harvesting season is the most expected one in Sapa, do not hesitate to book Sapa Tours right now to experience this amazing atmosphere. Read for more information here: