Phu Quoc – destination owns the most gorgeous beaches like PhuKet in Thailand

Phu Quoc Island, a sparkling slice of island paradise in the sheltered waters of the Gulf of Thailand. With endless coastlines, white sand and clear water, many visitors to Phu Quoc choose to simply relax and enjoy the stunning beaches, great food and pace of island life but if you decide to explore the island you’ll find there is much to see, do and learn.

Phu Quoc - destination owns the most gorgeous beaches like PhuKet in Thailand

With its mysterious adventure, Phu Quoc deserves to be the ideal destination for tourists to explore in the entire summer at the upcoming May.

Famous by many beautiful places, amazing islands and deserted beaches. If you had a change to visit Phu Quoc island, it would be a pity that you would not visit following places:

Dai Beach (Long Beach)

Long beach locates in Northwest of the island, which is an unforgettable destination when travelling Phu Quoc by the pristine beauty. Long Beach is the leading beach in top thirteen beautiful and primitive beaches in the world with the length of 1,500m. It is the heaven of golden sunny, blue water and green poplar trees in wind.

Star Beach (Sao Beach)

Sao is one of the most popular beaches on the island, in the southeast of island. Sao Beach, with its arcing palm trees, snow-white sand and distinctive blue-sapphire coloured water, has been increasingly developed over the last few years. There are restaurants, bars, resorts, and water-sports on offer here. It becomes crowded on sunny days by exotic beauty of this beach, particularly the vibrant colours of the sand, water, sky and foliage.

Ganh Dau apex

Ganh Dau apex is one of the most important destination of Phu Quoc although it’s not well-known as others. It’s attractive to foreign travellers because they can dive into sea to see the coral, enjoy clear cool water. Inspite of the wilderness, Ganh Dau apex brings you peaceful moment after tired days. You also can try seafood with very cheap price here.

Ham Ninh fishing village

Here’s where you can enjoy fanstatic view of sunset & aurora on the sea. It provides you not only beautiful scenery but also the fresh seafood everyday directly captured by fishman. The most famous creature of Ham Ninh fishing village is spidercrab, they are bigger & more meaty than same kinds captured in other places.

Suoi Tranh (The stream of painting)

Coming to Phu Quoc island, you not only enjoy the beach but the stream. Suoi Tranh is a famous destination in Phu Quoc island with the amazing landscape, wonderful scenery and fresh air in weather of tropical forest. You can go fishing, swimming or discover the misterious caves at Suoi Tranh.

In the above places, travel to Phu Quoc, what are some interesting activities to experience?

Phu Quoc - destination owns the most gorgeous beaches like PhuKet in Thailand

Beside swimming at some beaches above, Phu Quoc is really attractive with a variety of activities such as:

Watch the dusk at Long Beach

As its name suggests, Long Beach has a long coastline, with 20 kilometers in length. Thus, visitors will have plenty of space to gather and relax. And watching the sun going down is indeed big and major magnet here. It is possible to enjoy this gorgeous moment from a lounge chair at a seaside bar/restaurant or at the resort. Your eyebrows can be raised when the sky is cloudier. Make sure to bring along a camera so as to save impressive and unforgettable photos. After the sundown, you should head towards Phu Quoc Night Market to have dinner with your sweetheart or family members.

Explore the underwater world by diving and snorkeling

If the depth of the ocean is what you are fond of, then diving and snorkeling should be listed to your itinerary. There is nothing greater than swimming with many colorful types of fish while immersing yourself in alluring coral reefs. There are many islands for you to experience this activity, such as Hon Thom, Hon Dau, etc. Most of the resorts in Phu Quoc provide tourists with diving and snorkeling packages. A half-day snorkeling trip could contain a visit to floating fishing villages, pearl farms, and a few hours of diving in Bai Sao.

Phu Quoc - destination owns the most gorgeous beaches like PhuKet in Thailand

Going fishing is indeed an interesting pastime.

Thanks to experienced sailors who will determine the positions of cracked stones where herds of fish often flock into, tourists can easily catch a lot of various size fishes such as: grouper, Tram fish, Lu fish, Dong fish, etc. And one of the most interesting things is that all caught fishes will be immediately cooked to serve tourists afterwards surely making you very appetizing. Besides, get access to friendly and diligent people here is also likely to get the satisfied feelings to tourists.

So if you are looking for a destination for your summer holiday. This is a great suggestion for you.