Sapa, Vietnam – a great place for trekking tours

Sapa is located in a height of 1.500 meters compared to sea level. Sapa is a quiet town and it is the home of five different ethnic groups: H’mong, Red Dao, Xa Pho, Tay and Giay. Sapa owns great and wonderful mountain range called Hoang Lien Son which consists of Fanxipan Mountain, at the height of 3,143 meters, the highest one in Indochina.

Sapa, Vietnam - a great place for trekking tours

So, Sapa, Vietnam is always one of the most wonderful places for tours and holidays in Vietnam. And if you are going to plan a tour to Vietnam for your holiday and you are keen on trekking, Sapa would be an ideal place with the beautiful rice terrace there has added to the list of the most beautiful terrace in the world.  This will be a destination not can miss for travellers trekking.

Tourism website Skyscanner has introduced top 10 Southeast Asian hikes with hundreds of exciting experiments and activities. Sapa and Fansipan – two famous tourism hot spots of Vietnam ranked third and fourth.

Skyscanner describes that from its verdant scenery to its towering green peaks, Sapa has everything a hiking aficionado craves for. Plus, it has a variety of trails to suit all levels of hikers.

Furthermore, Sapa has refreshing temperatures and is home to hill tribes with colorful cultures.

Specially, Trekking Sapa with Vietnam Typical Tours, you will be advised the package tour that best suits youself. Such as:

– Easy Trekking Sapa Tours
– Trekking tours in Sapa for leisure travellers.
– Trekking to Ta Van VillageStaying with local Family.
– Sapa Adventure Trekking Tours For adventure travellers
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