Should travel to Ha Giang by motorbike, bus or private car ?

Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the North of Vietnam in which the Vietnam-China border extends more than 274km long. The province is also the source of Lo River flowing into Vietnam, contiguous to China to the north with international border gate Thanh Thuy. Southern of Ha Giang is Tuyen Quang; eastern is Cao Bang and Lao Cai to the West. Ha Giang is about 320km to the north of Hanoi, following Highway no. 2.

Like Sapa, the most renowned attraction of Ha Giang are the many grandiose mountains. Although mountains here are not as high as Sapa’s mountains and seem not to be steep enough to challenge adventurous climbers, they stand out for extensive area of limestone with unique formation of peaky rocks. So moveing in this area is not easy either.

Should travel to Ha Giang by motorbike, bus or private car ?

Travel to Ha Giang by motorbike

If you go to Ha Giang by motobike from Hanoi, this road about 300 – 320 km, and there are 2 routes to choose from:

Starting from Hanoi to Son Tay (via highway 21 in Co Nhue) then onto Trung Ha bridge, turn right at Son Tay township or straight on to La Thanh – Co Tiet – Phong Chau bridge (After Phong Chau bridge you turn left along Thao river) to Phu Tho township – Doan Hung district then to Tuyen Quang province, in Tuyen Quang you take national highway 2 to Ha Giang without going through Tuyen Quang town.

If you go to Ha Giang by this route the road is deserted and 30 km shorter, there are fewer traffic police. It took your nearly 9 hours from Hanoi to Ha Giang (12.30am to 21.20 pm) including lunch and photo stops.

Second route: From Hanoi via Thang Long bridge, turn to Vinh Phuc province – Viet Tri town – Phu Tho province – Tuyen Quang town – Ha Giang, this route has more passenger buses and more crowded than the first route.

NOTE: The road in Ha Giang is very difficult to go, it requires you to have good driving experience.

A suggestion for you: You should start Ha Giang tour by motorcycle from Ha Giang. This will save you much energy.

If you travel by motorbike remember to bring along driving license, petrol reserves (1.5 litre bottle), spare parts and repair set with pump, these items are necessary as the roads in Ha Giang are rugged and bumpy and there is no repair shops
Clothing: In winter you need to bring scarf, gloves and warm clothes, you can choose light jacket. In summer you can bring a sweater as it is a bit cold at night in the mountain highland.

To rent a motorbike in Ha Giang you can refer to one of the contacts below:

Hong Dao motorbike rental service:
Phone 0915.842.019 or 0165.398.2928
Address 10 Pham Hong Thai street, Group 17, Minh Khai ward, Ha Giang town
(close to Minh Khai junior secondary school)

Bao Thanh motorbike rental service:
Address: 31 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Ha Giang town
Mr Nam, phone 0917.797.269 – 0978.159.123

Bay motorbike rental service:
Address 47 Ly Thuong Kiet street, group 15, Tran Phu ward, Ha Giang town
phone: 0986.030.405 – 0125.515.5568 – 0915.273.882

Tuan Anh motorbike rental service:
phone: 0906.175.336

Giang Son motorbike rental service:
Address 170 Tran Hung Dao road, Ha Giang town
phone: 0988. 470.863 or 0962.761.081

Travel to Ha Giang by bus

You can catch a bus to Ha Giang from My Dinh station in Hanoi, my tip for you is to buy ticket in advance so that you have a seat and avoid being cramed. You can make a booking by some ways, call directly to bus companies or go to booking agent by yourself.

You can refer to the list of Ha Giang buses, remember to call ahead to update price. After arriving in Ha Giang by bus you can rent a motorbike to visit nearby beautiful places, or you can join a bus tour to Dong Van.

Travel to Ha Giang by private car

A tour with a private car will be more convenient for your trip. Especially it will ensure your safety more. However, the cost of renting an individual car is not cheap.

Why do not you book a service with a reputable travel company, you will join the tour with other customers. It will save money and still ensure your trip.

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