Ta Hien’s beer – the interesting culture in Hanoi

Drinking beer, chatting with friend in the corner street in Hanoi is the most greatest feeling when you out of your work. Hot summer, cold winter and Hanoi’s people flock in Ta Hien street, drink beer at weekend. So, can say: Ta Hien’s beer – the interesting culture in Hanoi.

Ta Hien'beer

Fresh beer ( or our language is called “bia tươi”, “bia hơi”) is the cheapest drinking in Vietnam. That’s delicious for hot summer day. Food along with beer, such as: aromatic peanuts, fermented sausage neatly wrapped in banana leaves, grilled dried squid, hot cheese sticks and French fries sprinkled with sugar… or the fried tofu is accompanied by a mountain of fresh basil leaves and a tiny dish of pepper and salt (or just pepper) and quarters of lemon. You need to squeeze the juice of the lemon into the tiny dish, mix it up, and dip in the tofu. You have to eat it while it’s hot. It’s sublime — as are the plates of grilled pork ribs and morning glory with garlic. And nothing better than to sip beer, talk with friends, your loved ones.

Only “Bia hoi” dose not make Hanoi’s culture. You can find “bia hoi” in every Beer’s restaurant in Vietnam. However, sitting in the corner in Ta Hien street, drinking beer, chatting and feeling the colorfull atmostphere that local people and foreign tourists wall along street. All of these things make Ta Hien’s beer culture in Hanoi.

The time to enjoy Ta hien’s beer with your friend is the great time you’ve been here. All of stress, worries disappear and just keep only cosy feeling. Anyway, when drinking alone, you’ll have other emotion. A bit silent in the crowd and watching street. That’s profound.