Terraced fields Hoang Su Phi – new national heritage of Vietnam

Terraced fields in Hoang Su Phi was recognized as a national heritage on 16th September 2012 by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Far from Ha Giang city about 110km, Hoang Su Phi has its own unique features that many people do not known … Thanks to the skillful hands, human creativity, the “field” level terraces are thousands of La Chi, Nung, Dao … in Ha Giang settlers around 300 years ago.

Terraced fields Hoang Su Phi - new national heritage of Vietnam

Located at the entree to the west of the province, Hoang Su Phi of the alphabet district fragmented piece of ground with high mountains, deep, vast impact on transportation, producing of the folks. For wet rice land cultivated, from several generations currently, generations of individuals in ethnic Mong, Dao, Nung … has fastidiously rescued canvas mountains, great-chiu every area unit of land to create up the terraced fields exotic.

Terraced fields in most of the territorial division within the district however is essentially targeted within the manifest, you Phung Nguyen, Ho Thau, Ty, Storm Troopsn Sa metallic element with a complete space of 765 HA. Currently, the district People’s Committee Hoang Su letter is functioning with the Provincial repository building records, the authorities recognized terraces Hoang Su Phi National Heritage. According to Mr. Au Van Hop, provincial director of the repository, through surveys within the space of the city The combs, Feng, Highlands, Lake Thau, the corporate, Storm Troop Sa metallic element shows terraces have long life.

Terraced fields Hoang Su Phi - new national heritage of Vietnam

Reclamation method, growth of rice cultivation was conducted over the years, creating the realm of continuous terraces up and type giant fields, followed by stretching within the mountains. Of the standards to be thought of for recognition heritage terraces, the foremost necessary issue is that the space of the sphere to multiple, continuous, cooperative on converged eligible to profile construction authorities analysis and recognition of heritage terraces Hoang Phi letter.

Hoang Su Phi (Hagiang) - The Heart of a Culture

So,  take a trip to Vietnam’s northeast and witness the art and beauty of one of the most wondrous rice fields in the world.