Tha Hamlet Homestay in Ha Giang with peaceful beauty of mountain highland area

The highland, border province of Ha Giang is located in Vietnam’s northeast region with its wild and magnificent beauty. Ranges of rugged rocky mountains, the narrow paths winding through hills up and down, and the golden rice terraced fields, all embrace lots of mysteries not yet fully discovered. In addition, unique and rich cultures of more than 20 ethnic groups living in the region, including the Mong, Tay, Dao, Nung, Giay and others, make the locality more attractive to all visitors.

Tha Hamlet Homestay in Ha Giang with peaceful beauty of mountain highland area

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Homestay services are springing up throughout the northern province of Ha Giang. Visitors can now choose to stay at beautiful homestays in Quang Ba, Dong Van, and Meo Vac districts.

Tha Village is a mountainous village with peaceful beauty of mountain highland area, paddy fields, lush bamboo and the characteristics of the Tay in Ha Giang. Arriving Tha village, in addition to exchange and learn the lifestyle, culture of the locals, homestay services will also give visitors unforgettable experiences.

Tha Hamlet is around 2km from the centre of Ha Giang City. It is home to Tay ethnic minority people and famous for its many cultural traditions and the pristine natural beauty.

Distant view are is row on row of mountains, Tha village is covered by white mist in whole year, along with the scenery of clouds and the vast green forests. The village is pretty because it is a cultural village still protecting the intactness of the traditionally cultural values of Tay ethnic group. Notably, the stilt houses are still almost original. Although it is far from the city of Ha Giang a short distance but Tha village seems to be a different world which has no building or crowded traffic.

Walking around the village, enjoying the fresh air, visitors can see and feel its own specific charm. The Tay families here are hospitable and always ready to welcome the guests from afar to come in their houses. Only just a cup of tea but more important thing is along with a smile or a friendly look making visitors hesitate, don’t want to come back home.

So if you have the opportunity to come to Ha Giang, give yourself a night here to feel the peace of the high mountain area of Vietnam.