The Beauty of Bac Son Valley in Vietnam

Bắc Sơn valley is located in the heart of the rural district of Bắc Sơn, About 250 kilometers south of Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam). Bac Son Valley is a beautiful valley in Vietnam that deserves to be known as a green paradise on Earth. This valley is situated 250 miles south of Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, and it is an ideal place for agriculture. One interesting aspect about this valley is its incredibly high mountains which are about 500-1200 meters high. These mountains together with the valley’s paddy fields create that great scenic landscape that you can only see after climbing 500 steps to reach the peak of the mountain.

The Beauty of Bac Son Valley in Vietnam

This valley is also quite famous for its incredible lakes. If you head straight to the valley’s pathways leading you to the paddy fields, you’ll get a chance to see the beautiful river that runs crossing the rice fields. Besides the valley itself, the Bac Son district’s village possesses a beauty of its own.

Being as a mountainous district, people here are mostly Tay ethnic. Life in this region is always peaceful, people and the natural scene are extremely impressive.

For the purpose of watching completely Bac Son Valley, visitors should climb on the top of mountain. If they are lucky to come Bac Son properly in crops, they surely would to be back to contemplate the scenery at the second time.

This valley has become a source of interest for the tourists because of its enticing beauty. The easiest way to reach this valley is by taking a road trip from Hanoi using the Highway 3 to Thai Nguyen and turning to National Highway 1B.

Make sure that you visit this enchanting valley of beauty. Seeing such a beautiful place will make you realize that Mother Nature has so much to offer. Moreover, there is too much to explore in this beautiful world so don’t just sit and stare. Plan your trip to Vietnam’s Bac Son Valley right away.

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