Things To Do in Ba Be National Park , Vietnam

Only 200 km north of the bustling capital of Hanoi, Ba Be National Park is the epitome of wild and untamed nature. This place offers fantastic opportunities for exploration from boat trips to kayaking, caving, trekking and cycling. As well as stunning scenery and fresh, clean air, Ba Be is the perfect place to discover some of the ethnic minority communities in Vietnam.

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Taking boat-trip on Ba Be Lake to enjoy the tranquility of the Vietnam largest natural lake

The boat trip will take you to visit a wonderful landscape of a world biosphere reserve and national park of Ba Be.

Things To Do in Ba Be National Park , Vietnam

Cruising on Ba Be lake’s green waters you visit the fishermen who work from their dug-out canoes. Passing Peleng corner we will continue to Cam Ha village where you can observe the peaceful life of the Tay people amongst the green rice fields. Cruising further to Puong Cave, home to thousands of bats before we have a lunch in the local restaurant near the Dau Dang water fall.

Trekking in Ba Be

Things To Do in Ba Be National Park , Vietnam

Ba Be is considered by both native Vietnamese and visitorsTrekking in Ba Be national park, Ba Be travel guide to be one of the best trekking areas in the country.  The whole district is dominated by the Pia Booc mountain range rising to a height of 1527m.  It is the combination of the scenery, from the karst outcrops clad in rich vegetation to the paddy fields carpeting the lower slopes of the Na Nghe mountains; the rich variety of flora and fauna; and the rich cultural diversity which together make this a unique and rewarding location.  Local guides are a wealth of invaluable knowledge; as well as keeping you safe, they know the which routes to take for the best sightseeing and wildlife spotting.

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Stay at homestay local people

Ba Be is home to a great diversity of ethnic people including three main groups of Hmong, Dao and Tay. They do not live in a central town but live in hamlets scattered through the valleys, still living by fishing and farming. Ba Be lake shore is where the ethnic minority people gather to trade, selling their farming products such as fish, rice, corn and fruit in addition to some local handicrafts.

Things To Do in Ba Be National Park , Vietnam

So, If you can afford to spend one night at the house of the locals. The night is spent with a local family in the traditional house of a Tay family to experience their way of life. Observing their daily activities and living in a homestay will enable visitors to understand more about their culture, 

Ideal for biking

Things To Do in Ba Be National Park , Vietnam

Ba Be is great for exploring by bicycle.The main roads around the national park are mostly in good condition and don’t see much traffic. One day cycling around the park should enable you to visit Hua Ma Cave, Thac Bac Waterfall and some villages.

Enjoy local food

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There are too many to mention but boiled chayote cooked with sesame or lon cap nach (literally pig carried under the arm) which are home pigs raised in the field or forest. Barbequed meat and fish and a huge variety of vegetables, together with dumplings, bamboo tube rice, noodles and eggs may all be part of the feast you can enjoy at the table of your host.

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