Things to do during travel trip Halong – Sapa 4 days

Travel trip Halong Bay – Sapa 4 days is an enjoyable journey in Vietnam with 2 famous destinations: Halong Bay & Sapa.

Halong Bay – the heritage of the world with thousands of islets, beautiful caves.

Sapa with stunning rice terraces, rich cultural diversity.

So, travel Halong Bay – Sapa, What will you do when you come here?

If you book a tour Halong Bay – Sapa of Vietnam Typical Tours company, you will be joined in the following activities:

Discover beautiful caves in HaLong Bay

Things to do during travel trip Halong - Sapa 4 days

You have 2 days for discovery journey Halong bay with famous destinations such as:

Bai Tu Long Bay is part of the famous Halong Bay UNESCO World Heritage Site in northeastern Vietnam. A fantasy-like archipelago defined by 1,600 islands shaped by the natural elements over time, the region is rich with geological splendour. The smaller, uninhabited islands — protruding limestone karsts of various shapes and sizes — are scattered across the emerald waters. The vision is surreal.

Thien Canh Son Cave: Located in the centre of the World Heritage area, Bai Tu Long Bay covers an area of 2000 sqm., Thien Canh Son Cave offers a wild and mysterious beauty. Inside the cave, is a strange beauty – an image of a lotus, a picture of baby elephant. The ceiling of the cave is covered with a layer of shiny ‘carpets’, numerous sparkling stalactites appear like “hanging lamps”. Stone statues, stone elephants, seals, flowers – all seem to create an imaginary world as if in a dream.

Cap La is one of the small fishing village (lying between Bai Tu Long & Halong Bay). There are 80 family holders with more than 200 people living in this village. They live by fishing. Children go to school until they are 12 years old, then they stop for working as fish man.

Kayaking & Swimming in Halong Bay

Kayaking – This is considered to be “the specialty” of Halong bay tour. In Halong in the frist day, at Cap La Island you will be enjoyed kayaking through the karst and breathtaking nature, swimming and relaxing.

Things to do during travel trip Halong - Sapa 4 days
Visitors are guided kayaking in Halong Bay. Let’s remember that: Join travel tour with Vietnam Typical Tours, your safety is always on top.

This is also the most popular activity that tourists like when they come to Halong Bay.

Experiences a night on cruise Halong

Instead of having a night in the hotel. You will have an absolutely enjoyable experience on board. There will be many activities for you in the evenings such: Sunset party,  joining Games, you may also try your luck with squid fishing….

Things to do during travel trip Halong - Sapa 4 days

Sip a coffee in the cabin, watching Halong Bay at night. The idea is not bad !

Join Tai Chi class on the Sundeck & Vietnamese cooking demonstration on boat.

Early in the morning, do exercise with Tai Chi exercises on the Sundeck. It will make you more refreshing.

Then you will be attending a Vietnamese cooking demonstration. If you are people who love  cook and passionate learn about Vietnamese food. Then this is a great opportunity for you.

Meet with friends from many different countries

You do not have an international friend. Through our activities, our games will be an opportunity for you to add new friends.

Enjoy a trekking to explore Sapa

Trekking to visit to Sapa market and the old cathedral, local people homes …  where you can meet a lot of local ethnic minority peoples such as Black H’mong and Red Zao wearing their traditional colorful dresses selling their farming and gathering products and handicrafts for souvenir.

Things to do during travel trip Halong - Sapa 4 days

Sapa – a destination promises to bring strange feelings.

Opportunity to learn about the lives of ethnic minority people in Sapa throught experiences at overnight homestay.

One night at homestay of the locals, sleeping on stilts, eating with them …. this is the time for you to learn about the lives of the people here.