A few tips to have a funny camping trip for family holidays with kids

Have you ever had a camping trip for family holiday with kids? Do you hope that you will have a funny camping trip for your family with kids and your kids will be able to have some great memories? That sounds great! Therefore, this below experiences of VietNam Typical Tours will help you as useful as possible.

Maybe, camping trip for family holiday with kids is usually unnoticed. However, there are many things are learned and experienced for the first camping time in the life of child. Patience is the most necessary factor.

It is so important to spend all time enjoying a family holiday with kids happy and a the journey of these new experiences with your child. Animals, the plant and trees, the stream and lake, insects, the weather, some wildflowers and many activities that can provide excitement so much. If you and your children plan together, the camping trip for family holiday with kids will be successful unexpectedly.

Located at the elevation of 1600 meters (5000 feet) above sea level in Vietnam’s remote Northwest mountainous areas, Sapa which is a lovely hill station town in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and rich cultural diversity. With geographic condition, Sapa is widely considered one of the Vietnam’s best two places to escape from the heat in summer, the other place is Da Lat – the charming town in the Central Highland, the Sapa’s temperature remains stably cool throughout the year though winter may see more severe changes, with frost and even snow. In the summer, Sapa is a very popular destination for domestic tourists to escape from the crazy heat of Ha Noi.

Firstly, you should build their excitement and anticipation. Let plan the camping trip for your family holiday with kids! There are many way such as: deciding on places to go( consider interests, outdoor experience and children’s ages, choosing the appropriate activities, planning and shopping for your meal, preparing equipment, ect…

Next, try to experience outdoor activities with your kids. It’s necessary to teach them about safety and preserving nature or try a backyard camp out before you go for the first time. You can teach the kids how to set up a umbrella tent, try some outdoor cooking, experience a night outdoors in sleeping bags, show them how to use some camping equipment, ect… However, you need to get them familiar with the outdoors in order to eliminate their fears and don’t forget the nighttime snacks!

Then, take the necessary supplies: extra clothing and shoes( the kids will be wet and very dirty; warm clothing and blanket( It’s chilly especially in the evening); Rain gear (keep them dry and warm in case it rains); Toys, games, activities wil be brought along if you want to keep them busy; The doll which your children like the most; Flashlight (to help relieve nighttime fears) and last one is drinks( avoid dehydration due to heat and activities)

Finally, your family should create memories for the camping trip. Bring a camera with abundant of film and extra batteries. You can take photos anywhere with different styles. Moreover, just write camp diary together. It means each member in family will write out their feeling and experiences. So your family holiday with kids will be wonderful and memorable.

This is some tips on camping trip for family holiday with kids ( baby ): Don’t travel a long distance, let stop frequently; Make your trips short( the deal holiday is about two or three days; Make a appropriate schedule for baby; Don’t forget bring along toys and diapers for infant and so on. In addition, a note which is never excessive is always close infant to support in case of incidents.

These are useful experiences which help you have a funny camping trip with your family with kids.

If you want have a camping trip for a family holiday with kids when traveling Vietnam. Please contact us, you and your kids will have the most amazing experiences.

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