Tips for packing for a family holiday with kids become more perfect

Tips for packing for a family holiday with kids of VietNam Typical Tours will help on your family holiday become more perfect. Because planning for any trip is stressful, but adding kids takes it to another level. With the addition of each child comes more clothes, toys in every shape and size, and the need for new packing strategies. As a parent you need to have a game plan in place. There are things you will need to do before you go, things you will have to pack in your suitcase, and things you will need on the plane. Here are our tips for managing the mounds of clothes, eliminating the extras, and saving space in your suitcase.

Tips for packing for a family holiday with kids

Be Prepared before go

Plan to stay at a hotel/bed & breakfast with a washing machine (a dryer is a bonus)

Make copies of your passports, driver’s license and credit cards (front and back). 

Write down all the things you need to take on your family holiday. Having a list to work from will ensure that nothing important gets forgotten and will help you to feel in control. You may also want to have a duplicate copy of this list for this for when you are packing to come home. This will help to ensure that you did not leave anything behind.

Email a copy to yourself and to your spouse’s phone so you will have copies in case the originals are stolen, lost, or misplaced.

Create a packing list for each child

Check the weather. This will dictate what items you should be packing and prevent you from packing non-essentials.

Clothes – What’s the magic number of outfits?

For children, if you have washing facilities at your destination, you don’t have to pack a new outfit for every day but this needs to be balanced with having enough outfits to ensure you are not spending your holiday putting loads of washing on and hanging washing out. If family holiday go for 10 days to a warm climate with access to a washing machine, You pack outfits plus an extra top per child. You should try to pack darker tops and steer clear of the light/white ones as much as possible as they show up fewer indiscretions.

If family holiday go on weekend (2 nights), you can go with three outfits per child and maybe an extra top depending on the child and his or her age. Depending on the weather, you pack a coat and 1-2 pairs of shoes per child.

You also pack a small toiletry case with the children’s toothbrushes, toothpaste, sunscreen, shampoo, headband and putty (as one of your children has grommets).

Save space in your suitcase

Roll clothes tightly to save space and prevent wrinkles. Puts socks into shoes and place around the inside of your suitcase. Put heavy and bulky items – such as shoes – at the bottom of your case to prevent creasing everything else. Save space and weight by packing lots of thin layers. Wrap any liquids (shampoos, medicines, etc.) in plastic bags before placing them in your suitcase to guard against any spills or leaks during the journey. If one suitcase is too heavy and others are light, spread the weight around. Check items off a list as you pack

Tips for packing for a family holiday with kids

The Back Pack

Whenever we go on a plane, you should always pack a backpack for each child. Our children’s backpacks contain the following:

– a water bottle;

– fruit and a couple of snacks for before you get on the plane or for the trip from the plane to your accommodation (make sure the fruit is eaten before you get off the plane to avoid quarantine issues);

– if we are catching an early flight or leaving home early for a long car trip, you pack the children a “breakfast to go”: dried Nutri Grain or other cereal, a piece of fruit and a squeezie yoghurt or small milk carton with straw;

– a new colouring book or some paper and some pencils/textas.

– a couple of other new but small/inexpensive toys or activities.

– if you have room, a thin/lightweight book that you can read in case of delays;

– a spare outfit and change of underpants in case they spill their drink, have an accident, or worst case scenario, your luggage gets lost;

– if your family are going on a night flight,you would also pack your pyjamas;

– your toddler’s backpack should also have a few nappies and a small container of wipes.

Other items that might be included are sticker books and small screens such as an iPad or DS.

The Boring but Necessary

– a small medicine pack with child and adult Panadol and/or Nurofen, Immodium and anti nausea medication, a few bandaids, insect repellant and Ventolin (if needed);

– phone, Kindle, iPad and camera re-chargers, a double adaptor and batteries if needed;

– a block of stain remover soap for those inevitable stains.


Let the kids have their own bag of clothes, instead of sharing.

Tips for packing for a family holiday with kids

This can be tempting, but try to avoid sharing bags if possible- it just makes things a little more confusing if you decide to share. When you have 3 sets of hands in one bag, it makes things disorganized. Our children each have a travel bag with their name on it and their items go into their bag.

Encourage your little ones to help pack their own suitcases

At a certain age, children love having the responsibility of deciding what they’re going to pack. It’s probably a good idea to pack their clothes first and then tell them they can decide what books or toys they want to take. If you don’t put the clothes in first, you may find your little ones fill their suitcases with toys and books!

Get your kids involved in the packing and let them help.  It will not only teach them responsibility, but will let them get excited for their upcoming trip!