Tips for a Sapa trekking adventure tour in Vietnam

If you are want to travel to Vietnam with a adventure tour. And you are fancy of trekking, so you should go to Sapa. This destination is one of the most beautiful areas of North Vietnam with its rice terraces carved into the beautiful mountains in the foothills of the chain Hoang Lien Son – the highest mountain of Vietnam. Following are: “Tips for a Sapa trekking adventure tour in Vietnam“.

Frist, You need have a local guide

If you want to spend a few days in the mountains, it is better to be accompanied by a local guide who is familiar with the terrain, weather changes, and the best vantage points in trekking trail. With a local person who can speak English and this is the best way to discover the daily life of ethnic minorities.

Tips for a Sapa trekking adventure tour in Vietnam

Second, Small luggage with the essentials

The guide is not a carrier, so only bring what is absolutely necessary to you. Remember, your bag will be heavy when you wear trekking.

– Sport shoes
– Clothing (especially warm clothes for the evening)
– Anti-mosquito (insect)
– Supplies of preventive medicine is also essential for your trip
– Water to drink. During the trekking you will be thirsty. It’s really horrible to realize that you just drank the last drop of your water and there are still another two hours of walking ahead. To not die of thirst, take plenty of water with you.

Third, you need to prepare in terms of health to trekking

To have a safe climb and efficiently, you shouldnt prepare well in terms of health.You need a reasonable diet and exercise workout before 1 month to join trekking adventure tour.

Fourth, do not forget your camera!

The landscape of Sapa and the surrounding area is very beautiful so make sure that you bring along your camera and the battery is fully charged. Photographs in your Sapa trekking adventure tour will certainly be the best, the favorite of your trip to Vietnam!

Fifth, check the weather forecast before trekking adventure tour

To avoid missed climb due to bad weather: rain, sun too cold, gloomy weather … You should check the weather forecast before your trip in Sapa to avoid bad situations.

trekking Sapa

And finally, Let’s choose a reputable travel company

Perfect place for a trip, you shouldnt choose a travel agency established to Ensure you the best service. You’ll be consulting them on the tips and check out the service for the trip or they will advise for you the best weather for the trip.

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