Tips: Top 10 Local Seafood Restaurant In Da Nang

Danang is not only famous for spectacular mountains but also endowed with beautiful beaches. Therefore, it’s often chosen as an ideal place to relax and enjoy fresh seafood.

But you do not know the reputable seafood restaurants here. OKKK ?

Please read our article: “Top 10 Local Seafood Restaurant In Da Nang”.

Tips: Top 10 Local Seafood Restaurant In Da Nang

1. Ba Thoi Seafood

Address: 96-98-100 Le Dinh Duong St, Danang.
Open hour: 10am-10pm.

Ba Thoi restaurant offers different kinds of seafood including Thailand style hot pot, steamed crab, grilled oyster, hot sour fish soup,and so on. But the signature dish here is crab with tamarind. In addition, airy atmosphere and enthusiastic staff also contributes to satisfaction of tourists.

2. Be Man Seafood

Address: 14 Hoang Sa, Danang.
Open hour: 9am-11pm.

Located on Hoang Sa Street – a beautiful coastal path in Danang, Be Man restaurant is an ideal place to enjoy fresh seafood while admiring beautiful landscape at the same time. And the food here is made in a special waybringing different flavor from elsewhere.

3. Oyster Restaurant

Address: 12 Vo Nguyen Giap St, Danang.
Open hour: 4pm -11pm.

Right from its name, we can know this restaurant specializes in seafood dishes made from oyster. There are many versions of Oyster such asgrilled oyster, fried oyster, oyster soup, and so on…

Tips: Top 10 Local Seafood Restaurant In Da Nang

4. Phong Phu 2 restaurant

Address: 124 Ngo Van So St, Danang.
Open hour: 10am – 11pm.

Although PhongPhu 2 is a little bit far from the city centre, people come here to relax and enjoy delicious seafood at the weekend. A highlight of this restaurant is diverse options of seafoodatvery reasonable price.

5. Hoa Tu restaurant

Address: 17 Huynh ThucKhang St, Danang.
Open hour: 5pm – 22pm

Modern space and professional staff make it a top place to organize a party or meeting.

6. Ba Tam seafood

Address: 103 Nui Thanh St, Danang.
Open hour: 3pm – 11pm.

Ba tam seafood provides tourists with delicious dishes such as soused squid in beer serving at table, fried snail with chilli and citronella, raw fish and vegetables, and so on. The restaurant is appreciated by both locals and tourists.

Tips: Top 10 Local Seafood Restaurant In Da Nang

7. A Ty seafood
Address: junction of Hoang Sa St and Le DucTho St, Danang.
Open hour: 9am – 10:30pm

Fresh seafood and tasty cooking would definitely make you fall in love with this lovely restaurant.

8. Tho Y restaurant

Address: junction of Truong Dinh St and Hoang Sa St, Danang.
Open hour: 10am-10pm

Tho Y restaurant is the first choice of travelers coming to Danang. Many of them say that they like the unique dishes and extensive service here best.

9. My Hanh seafood

Address: 28 Vo Nguyen Giap St, Danang.
Open hour: 9am-10pm

My Hanh seafood focuses on not only the quality of dishes but also luxurious dining space.

10. Nam Danh seafood.

Address: K139/59/38 Tran QuangKhai St, Danang.
Open hour: 10am-4pm

Most of the dishes are offered at the same price – 60 thousand VND which is said to becheaper than other places. If you are great into the simplicity of street foods, you should not miss this restaurant.