Tips travel: what to bring when trekking in Sapa in Octbober ?

One of the tourist gems of Northern Vietnam is the town of Sapa. Over the past few years, Sapa has become a popular tourist destination due to its beautiful scenery. Located in the North West of Vietnam, the region is surrounded by thick forest cover and expansive rice plantations which make it a true attraction for people seeking to travel to this Asian country. Its weather is largely comfortable and coupled by the varying attractions and fresh air, one will surely want to pay a visit to enjoy the town’s beauty. October is a rewarding time for those visiting Sapa with temperatures settling around 20 °C and 4 hours of sunshine per day.

Tips trave: what to bring when trekking in Sapa in Octbober ?

It can be said that the weather in Sapa in October is cool. As the weather is slightly cooler than in summer, it’s a great time to explore the area by taking a Sapa. Especially it is also very suitable to make a Sapa trekking.

In October, visitors can look forward to the Van Ban Xa Pho Hot Rice and Banana Tree Flowers Festival which adorns the town with colour as locals flock to the streets in their vivid outfits. This popular event is a must see so make sure you capture some of the scenes on camera or your smart phone.

Tips trave: what to bring when trekking in Sapa in Octbober ?

So, “What to bring when trekking in Sapa in Octbober ?”

  • You should take drinking water or you can buy it along the way.
  • You should wear good shoes to trek more easily.
  • Bring a rain coat because of the changing weather.
  • Sapa is close to the sun so you need to take suncream, insect repellant and a change of clothes.
  • The temperature gets cooler in the evening so you should have a jacket with you.
  • Having a camera is very useful so you can record your trips.
  • For the people who would like to do a homestay, apart from the things above you should have more warm clothes for changing. Because the weather in October will be colder in the evening.

In summary, the weather in Sapa in October is quite cool. Moreover, this time, there are terraced fields with beautiful yellow color. So this is the best time to join a Sapa treeking tour.