Tips Travel Mai Chau Valley, Vietnam

With our article below, we will share for you travel tips in the Mai Chau valley.

Is one of the best travel destinations in Vietnam for tourists looking for an authentic experience. Only 140 km from Hanoi, it’s a haven of wellness, relaxation and gentle solitude. A beautiful getaway. And with many activities on offer, Mai Chau valley is more than just a place to be still. Mai Chau is a vision in every season. In spring, it is a lush, bright green while in autumn, just before the rice harvest, it turns golden. Nowadays, people should count themselves lucky to get the chance to see such colours because before 1993 Mai Chau was an isolated farming town whereas now, it is a recommended stop for any traveller who wants to explore Vietnam.

Tips Travel Mai Chau Valley, Vietnam

The most beautiful time to travel Mai Chau valley:

– October to December: This period is the beginning winter in Mai Chau so the air is quite cool and pleasant especially you will be admired a great spectacle that is pink cherry blossom and white plum blossom in color covering the whole Mai Chau. It’s probably that if anyone witnessed the spectacle – “the sky of white coffee flower in the Center Highland”, they will also have a strong impression with the images of a spotless white and pure Mai Chau.

– March to April: The weather is quite pleasant. It’s time of blossoming Purple Bauhinia (hoa ban) which characterizes the Northwestern mountains and forests bringing a distinct beauty for this place. In particular, in this period, there are quite many festivals of ethnic minorities, especially Thai peoples.

Top things to do when visiting Mai Chau valley

– Explore the Countryside on Foot or by Bike
– Take In a View from Above at Thung Khe Pass
– Visit the villages of the Thai ethnic
– Discover local cuisine
– Watch the Thai’s traditional dance and drink traditional wine “ruou can”

Mai Chau valley will bring you comfortable relaxing moments, natural that can not be found anywhere else. Once here, you will surely remember this land with tranquil countryside, relaxing and lush green fields of vietnamese countryside.