Top 4 beautiful sheep farms in Vietnam

Apart from enjoying the nature, experience nomadic life, come to large sheep farms in Ninh Thuan, Ba Ria Vung Tau, Dong Nai… tourists also have the chance to have the best photos ever. So, these places be also favorite destinations of many tourists.

An Hoa sheep farm, Ninh Thuan

Far from Phan Rang City about 16km to the Northwest along Highway 1A, An Hoa sheep field (An Hoa village, Xuan Hai commune, Ninh Hai district)  fascinates every visitor with its vast mountain ranges, dreamy lakes and sheep herds grazing on the green meadow.

The first sheep farms were set up in Ninh Thuan province a century ago, concentrating in the districts of Thuan Bac, Thuan Nam, Ninh Phuoc, and Ninh Hai.  Each farm breeds some tens or even up to thousands of sheep.

With a large amount of sheep, tourists can go sightseeing around the field, take photos with the sheep and experience a nomadic life on this field. You may come to a sheep farm early to enjoy breakfast with shepherds before they drive the sheep to the meadow. This will be a interesting experience for visitors.

In here has Thanh Son lake is the best place to take photographs with sheep.

Suoi Nghe sheep farm, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Suoi Nghe sheep farm in Chau Duc district, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.At first, people raise sheep for meat and fur. However, tourists come here to go sightseeing and take photos so they raise sheep to serve tourists.

The local even raise some horses to attract more tourists coming here.

Outstanding from green grass carpet are herds of cute little sheep. Looking at the sheep, you may feel like standing in a farm in Europe.

Sheep farm in Bien Hoa, Dong Nai

Little does everyone know that Bien Hoa City also has a sheep farm. Comparing to other sheep farms, this one is very near Ho Chi Minh City and suitable for a weekend trip.

This farm is located in Ho Nai ward, it is rather hard to find so you should ask for the local’s help to find out this place.

Sheep farm in Long Bien flower plateau, Hanoi

There is no need to travel to Ninh Thuan or Dong Nai because there is a sheep farm right in Hanoi for travelers stay at Hanoi.

Long Bien flower plateau is situated in Thach Cau area, Long Bien district, opposite to Gia Lam longan orchard. This is an ideal destination for you to have the best photo album. There are also hers of horse for you to take photos with.

4 sheep farms not as sophisticated as sheep farms in Europe. But why not try a new feel at these farms in the Asian? Surely it will give you a very strange feeling.